Minecraft Monday: Decidedly Vanilla #001

No OCDtv this week, instead you are getting the Minecraft video that I was *trying* to put up on Monday. The delay was due to some sound issues - which is partially why the sound doesn't quite match up for these first two videos.

New server time! My twitter friend @DeciTM has started up a server he's calling "Decidedly Vanilla" and I knew that I wanted to get on and do some LP'ing with him, so here is the first video from that server!

Minecraft Mondays - Final Score Server #1

Hopefully starting a new trend here - based on comments I've received on my other Minecraft videos, I figured it was time to go back to the PC Minecraft and play on a multiplayer server.  So I got onto the Minecraft server of Scott Johnson's Final Score podcast community.  This video shows me starting out fresh on the server, wandering around checking out the place.

More XCraft 360! (OCDtv #17)

**Sorry for the weird audio in the beginning** Not sure why that happened, but it works itself out relatively quickly.

One more Xbox Minecraft playthrough for you guys - this time, watch me delve deep into the depths of the world, uncover caverns, battle monsters -- even find treasure!

Thinking about making a regular series of Minecraft videos - but Xbox or PC? Got a preference? Let me know below in the comments!

Trying Out Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version

I just got a cool new video capture card for Christmas and wanted to try it out - so I recorded myself trying out the Minecraft Xbox 360 version that I bought last month. Take a look as I explore the game for the first time and compare the experience to the full game.

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How The Internet Failed Me On Black Friday

That's right, last Friday I put my faith in the internet and it let me down.  Find out how after the jump.  


Like many people, Ashley & I spent my Thursday night/Friday morning out and about trying to score some good deals on some Christmas presents.  For those of you who say we should have been at home with my family, I'll have you know that my parents were out shopping with us too.  We didn't have a gigantic list of stuff to get, but we had a few deals that we were aiming to get.

For the first few weeks of November, I had been keeping an eye on my favorite Black Friday deals site - http://bfads.net.  Every year I check their site looking to see what great deals there are - mainly on video games.  Last year, they introduced an iPhone app as well, and updated it for this year as well.  Just like last year, I downloaded the app and used it to try and plan out my Black Friday.  The app is great, because I can just search for an item that I was trying to buy, and the app will bring up all the stores with that item on sale.

I wont say all of what I was trying to get, in case those persons end up reading this blog, but one of the things I was looking forward to getting for myself was a 1600 Microsoft points card, which is normally $20, for only $10!  Chloe recently brought home a very good report card, which means that I have to buy her a video game (its a deal I worked out with her awhile ago).  Since she's really into Minecraft, I figured that I would buy her Minecraft on the Xbox 360, what with the split screen multiplayer and all.

So when all the Black Friday ads came with the Thanksgiving newspapers, I searched through them with my parents and Ashley looking for any new deals or other deals that I may have missed.  I didn't bother double-checking the Target ad for the Microsoft Points card because it was a tertiary item that I was buying for myself.  So that night I waited in line and got into Target and managed to get all the other items I was looking for in addition to the Microsoft Points card.

When I got up to the register, I swiped my card without thinking and grabbed my stuff and got my butt out of the store as soon as I could manage.  However, on the way to the car, I got the notion that the amount was higher than it should have been.  Upon reaching the car, I inspected my receipt to find out that the Microsoft Points card was NOT discounted like it should have been.  I was confused because the target ad did not have the listing, but the BFads app showed it as being on sale.  It wasn't until I clicked on the listing that I saw that Target changed the sale from being the 1600 Microsoft Points card to the 3 month Xbox Live card (also for $10).

Ugh!  I was mildly annoyed, but I needed to get the card anyways, so I wasn't completely heartbroken.  So maybe in the end it wasn't so much that the internet let me down, but that I should have double checked the sales ads to make sure that all the deals I had planned for were still there.  I'll say this at least - I won't make that mistake again next year!

What about you?  Did you get anything awesome/geeky/nerdy/etc on Black Friday?

Relative Dimensions #6: “I Pretend I’m In Terra Nova When I Play Minecraft”

Originally Recorded on February 26th, 2012

More Star Trek Online talk this week, as Chris is oh so close to getting that Sovereign class ship he wants so badly; a bit more Minecraft news and Philip gets to finally find out what Chris thought of Terra Nova.  Oh, and a bit of news as the Guild Wars 2 beta signups went out--but Philip doesn't even know about Guild Wars?  GASP!

Relative Dimensions #5: “Where Chris Eats His Words About Star Trek Online”

Originally Recorded on February 19th, 2012

This week, Chris and Philip forget all those "other sections", because they have their plates full with other things to talk about!  TV Shows, video games, and for some reason Chris wants to take back a few things he said about Star Trek Online!  How can this be?  You'll just have to find out!

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Minecraft Tour - OCDtv #8

In this episode, I take you guys through a tour of what I've been working on in the video game Minecraft! I've been playing on a multiplayer server hosted by my friend and fellow AIE guildie DeciTM and recently we've all decided to start over in the world to get ready for the big 1.2 update. Therefore, I wanted to document everything that I had done up until that point.

Like the video? Let me know if you'd like to see more Minecraft videos of what I'm doing on the new server.

Video Game Review: Minecraft

  I know, I know, I'm really behind the curve on this. In case you do not know much about me, I rarely get games when they are brand new unless its a game that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Typically, I pick up games long after other people have talked about them. Such is the case with Minecraft. I've been hearing a lot of great things about the game, but I never put my foot down on buying it until now (thanks to my lovely fiance Ashley for giving me some motivation to play).

For those that haven't played Minecraft yet, the basic premise is this: its a Lego video game without the Lego branding. It has very basic graphics, creating this cube-style world where you can build just about anything. During the day you can walk around gathering materials, building structures, fishing, or even tending to a farm. At night, you have to fend off your creations from Zombies and other creatures. You can play both Single Player or Multiplayer on servers with other people.

I decided to play multiplayer on fellow AIE member Deci's server. He talks about Minecraft all the time on his twitter feed (@DeciTM), and I thought that if I were to play, I'd need to play with him and some of the other people that have joined him. The game started off pretty slow to me, as I was staying close to the inital spawn point and was having a hard time finding resources. After a while I ventured out into the world and ever since I've been progressing a lot faster.

Okay, so I love this game. I didn't think that I would since there isn't really a "goal" and its very open. Yet once I started playing, that little kid that used to play Legos all the time took over and I've been having a blast. It's been great interacting with people and seeing what they have constructed and working to make something myself that I hope can be of equal quality. The gameplay is really simple, you punch trees and dirt to get materials which you can use to make tools. Then you can use those tools to get stronger materials to use in your creations.

CONCLUSION: Buy this game. It's only about $27, and you can get way more fun out of this game than any other games out there right now. Plus, its small and simple enough that you can install it on just about any computer out there.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below, or email me at chris@ocdcast.com