What? You've Never Heard Of Munchkin??

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time talking about this card game called Munchkin. However, in the midst of some twitter conversations I had throughout the day, I reminded myself that not everyone is familiar with this game. So instead of the post that I originally had planned for today, I decided to take a step back and introduce you guys to an amazing card game that you are sure to love! Read on to find out why...


I was introduced to Munchkin about 4-6 years ago (can't remember exactly) thanks to one of my college friends. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with the game. Later on, I decided to buy the comic book version of the game Super Munchkin, and ever since then I have been picking up different versions of the game.

So what is this game? In it, you and your friends are Munchkins - comic parodies of the stereotypical D&D type nerd. You are exploring a dungeon, fighting monsters and trying to stab your friends in the back in the meantime. It may sound complicated, but it is so simple. Put it this way - I've even taught my 8 year old stepdaughter how to play - and she loves it! She won't stop asking me when we can play again.

The best part about Munchkin is that there is a version for everyone. The original Munchkin set is a fantasy themed set, poking fun at D&D, Lord of the Rings, etc. However, according to their website (www.worldofmunchkin.com), there are over 14 different games spanning all kinds of genres. I have 4 sets myself: the original set, Super Munchkin (parodying comic books), Munchkin Bites (vampires/werewolves/etc.), and Munchkin Zombies (duh, about Zombies). Not only that, there is a space set, a pirate set, one themed after Mission Impossible, etc. etc. So there is bound to be one that appeals to you.

Curious about what this game is like? Recently, Wil Wheaton has started a YouTube show called Table Top, where he plays games with other celebrities and friends of his. A few weeks ago, Munchkin was one of the games played, so now you can see for yourself a good example of how the game is played:


So, have I gotten you interested yet? Are you asking, where can I buy this game? You can use this link right here to buy Munchkin on Amazon.com (FYI its an affiliate link, so you'll be supporting the site when you click the link first before you buy). If you happen to have a comic book store nearby, you can also find many of the different versions there as well. Surprisingly, I have also seen the game at my local Target as well, so there is another option for you. Let me know if you try out the game, I want to see what you think!


Minecraft Tour - OCDtv #8

In this episode, I take you guys through a tour of what I've been working on in the video game Minecraft! I've been playing on a multiplayer server hosted by my friend and fellow AIE guildie DeciTM and recently we've all decided to start over in the world to get ready for the big 1.2 update. Therefore, I wanted to document everything that I had done up until that point.

Like the video? Let me know if you'd like to see more Minecraft videos of what I'm doing on the new server.