Dead Space 3 Demo Playthrough - OCDtv #18

This week, I thought I'd go through the vast list of demos on Xbox Live and pick something new that I'd never really played before and give it a spin - watch me try out Dead Space 3 and see what I think of the game (never played any of the other games before).

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see on OCDtv? Comment below or email me at

Munchkin Axe Cop Review

I review one of Steve Jackson's Munchkin products - Munchkin Axe Cop! See how it compares to the original game and what my thoughts about it are. If it sounds interesting to you, click on the link below to buy it from Amazon, and a part of the purchase goes to helping me create these videos!

Note: This copy of Munchkin Axe Cop was provided to me by Steve Jackson Games for the purpose of reviewing it.

Minecraft Tour - OCDtv #8

In this episode, I take you guys through a tour of what I've been working on in the video game Minecraft! I've been playing on a multiplayer server hosted by my friend and fellow AIE guildie DeciTM and recently we've all decided to start over in the world to get ready for the big 1.2 update. Therefore, I wanted to document everything that I had done up until that point.

Like the video? Let me know if you'd like to see more Minecraft videos of what I'm doing on the new server.

OCDtv #6 - "NYCC '11 pt. 2 - Interviews and More!"

Its the second part of my New York Comic Con 2011 footage! Hear me talk with the creators behind the popular Image Comic "Skullkickers" (including a scoop about their upcoming "Munchkin Skullkickers" game), Mark and I get our hands on a demo of "Prototype 2" and give our thoughts, and lastly I play Ubisoft's "Shoot Many Robots" with one of the co-producers who walks us through the game. Let me know what you think, plus and comments/suggestions below!  Click on to see the HD YouTube version... 

OCDTV Episode #1: "Blackest Night and Pirate Batman"

Its the first episode of OCDTV!  I've decided to debut a new video series that I hope to do on a regular basis.  In it, I'll be talking about all sorts of geeky things -- comic books, toys, games, anything that us geeks like to discuss.  In this episode, Chloe sits down with me and we do an "Action Figure Friday" style review of some of the toys we've gotten recently. In case you can't see the above video, click through to see the YouTube embed: