Relative Dimensions #32: "Remembering Our Troops....And How To Podcast"

Like trying to restart any good habit, Philip and I were struggling to start podcasting again - but we recorded one this week! Being Memorial Day, we remember our troops, and then move right in to talk about the awesome things that we've done over the past month or so. I've tried a couple of new MMO's, restarted playing others, while Philip's been enjoying him some Romulans in Star Trek Online. Oh, and Xbox One?

Intro/Outro Music - "L3" by Skyhawk on his album "Function"

News Stories

Star Trek Online: An introduction to Romulan Warbirds

Star Trek Online's Crystalline Entity strikes back

New reputation in Star Trek Online takes the fight to the Tholians

Star Trek Online showcases Romulan uniforms

Star Trek Online dev diary details new species: The Remans

DCUO's Origin Crisis to release on May 14th

RIFT goes free-to-play, promises 'no tricks, no traps'

Massively's DUST 514 launch impressions

'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' Might Come to the iPad

ArenaNet permanently lowers Guild Wars 2's price point

Captain's Log: What to expect in Star Trek Online's Legacy of Romulus expansion

STO's Legacy of Romulus expansion adding Nimbus adventure zone

Microsoft: 'Only Xbox One controllers, accessories will work with the new console.'

Xbox One incorporates 'Smart Match' matchmaking, 'Living Game' tech

Xbox One lets you play 'immediately' during installs, suspend and resume games [update]

Xbox One may require game installs, close out used game market [Update]

First shots of Xbox One

Microsoft, Steven Spielberg working on Halo: The Television Series

Xbox One due 'later this year'

SmartGlass evolves on Xbox One

Xbox One specs include Blu-ray drive, 500 GB hard drive

Xbox One allows group Skype video calls

Xbox One revealed

Relative Dimensions #29: "Apparently Xbox Is Killing Gamestop & Apple's Killing Steambox"

Yep that's right, everyone's going around killing each other's businesses.  Philip and I break down these and other news stories and talk about why these people are just blowing smoke. http://ocdcast.com Intro/Outro Music - "L3" by Skyhawk on his album "Function"

News Stories

Blizzard releases excerpt from upcoming Dawn of the Aspects

WoW Insider's Guide to Warcraft Novels/Manga/Comics/etc

Rumor: Next Xbox always online, uses Blu-ray

Skylanders Swap Force Unveils Pick and Mix Skylanders

Gabe Newell: Steam Box's biggest threat isn't consoles, it's Apple

Trion to launch Defiance on April 2, full live-action trailer revealed

Star Trek Online celebrates two million 'captains'

Star Trek Online posts third anniversary details

Dead Space 3 Demo Playthrough - OCDtv #18

This week, I thought I'd go through the vast list of demos on Xbox Live and pick something new that I'd never really played before and give it a spin - watch me try out Dead Space 3 and see what I think of the game (never played any of the other games before).

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see on OCDtv? Comment below or email me at

More XCraft 360! (OCDtv #17)

**Sorry for the weird audio in the beginning** Not sure why that happened, but it works itself out relatively quickly.

One more Xbox Minecraft playthrough for you guys - this time, watch me delve deep into the depths of the world, uncover caverns, battle monsters -- even find treasure!

Thinking about making a regular series of Minecraft videos - but Xbox or PC? Got a preference? Let me know below in the comments!

Relative Dimensions #27: "SWAT-ting Some Spartans In Halo 4"

Originally recorded on January 21st, 2013.

It's the new year everyone, and we've FINALLY brought you a new episode of Relative Dimensions. Between awful audio problems and Philip dying of the plague, I thought we'd never get a podcast episode out. To ease ourselves back into a regular schedule, we do some Halo 4 multiplayer (captured from my Xbox thanks to my new Elgato Game Capture HD). We've got some great plans for 2013 and ways of improving the show, so if you've got a suggestion, PLEASE let us know!

How The Internet Failed Me On Black Friday

That's right, last Friday I put my faith in the internet and it let me down.  Find out how after the jump.  


Like many people, Ashley & I spent my Thursday night/Friday morning out and about trying to score some good deals on some Christmas presents.  For those of you who say we should have been at home with my family, I'll have you know that my parents were out shopping with us too.  We didn't have a gigantic list of stuff to get, but we had a few deals that we were aiming to get.

For the first few weeks of November, I had been keeping an eye on my favorite Black Friday deals site -  Every year I check their site looking to see what great deals there are - mainly on video games.  Last year, they introduced an iPhone app as well, and updated it for this year as well.  Just like last year, I downloaded the app and used it to try and plan out my Black Friday.  The app is great, because I can just search for an item that I was trying to buy, and the app will bring up all the stores with that item on sale.

I wont say all of what I was trying to get, in case those persons end up reading this blog, but one of the things I was looking forward to getting for myself was a 1600 Microsoft points card, which is normally $20, for only $10!  Chloe recently brought home a very good report card, which means that I have to buy her a video game (its a deal I worked out with her awhile ago).  Since she's really into Minecraft, I figured that I would buy her Minecraft on the Xbox 360, what with the split screen multiplayer and all.

So when all the Black Friday ads came with the Thanksgiving newspapers, I searched through them with my parents and Ashley looking for any new deals or other deals that I may have missed.  I didn't bother double-checking the Target ad for the Microsoft Points card because it was a tertiary item that I was buying for myself.  So that night I waited in line and got into Target and managed to get all the other items I was looking for in addition to the Microsoft Points card.

When I got up to the register, I swiped my card without thinking and grabbed my stuff and got my butt out of the store as soon as I could manage.  However, on the way to the car, I got the notion that the amount was higher than it should have been.  Upon reaching the car, I inspected my receipt to find out that the Microsoft Points card was NOT discounted like it should have been.  I was confused because the target ad did not have the listing, but the BFads app showed it as being on sale.  It wasn't until I clicked on the listing that I saw that Target changed the sale from being the 1600 Microsoft Points card to the 3 month Xbox Live card (also for $10).

Ugh!  I was mildly annoyed, but I needed to get the card anyways, so I wasn't completely heartbroken.  So maybe in the end it wasn't so much that the internet let me down, but that I should have double checked the sales ads to make sure that all the deals I had planned for were still there.  I'll say this at least - I won't make that mistake again next year!

What about you?  Did you get anything awesome/geeky/nerdy/etc on Black Friday?