Munchkin Axe Cop Review

I review one of Steve Jackson's Munchkin products - Munchkin Axe Cop! See how it compares to the original game and what my thoughts about it are. If it sounds interesting to you, click on the link below to buy it from Amazon, and a part of the purchase goes to helping me create these videos!

Note: This copy of Munchkin Axe Cop was provided to me by Steve Jackson Games for the purpose of reviewing it.

Obsessive Comics Disorder #38: "Axe Cop....Now With Lemon!"

Going through a bit of changes here at OCD, as due to time constraints we are moving the podcast to a once-every other week schedule, alternating with the Relative Dimensions podcast.  We've got plenty of good stuff for you this week, however, as we review our May Book of the Month: AXE COP!  Thanks again to MapHook for sponsoring this episode! Updates:

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Listener Feedback

- Robert wrote in to thank us for recommending some kid-friendly comics, and gives his review of Axe Cop!

- Jess emailed us to let us know about his comic coming out soon: Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, coming this October from Top Shelf.


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