Dead Space 3 Demo Playthrough - OCDtv #18

This week, I thought I'd go through the vast list of demos on Xbox Live and pick something new that I'd never really played before and give it a spin - watch me try out Dead Space 3 and see what I think of the game (never played any of the other games before).

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see on OCDtv? Comment below or email me at

More XCraft 360! (OCDtv #17)

**Sorry for the weird audio in the beginning** Not sure why that happened, but it works itself out relatively quickly.

One more Xbox Minecraft playthrough for you guys - this time, watch me delve deep into the depths of the world, uncover caverns, battle monsters -- even find treasure!

Thinking about making a regular series of Minecraft videos - but Xbox or PC? Got a preference? Let me know below in the comments!

Relative Dimensions #27: "SWAT-ting Some Spartans In Halo 4"

Originally recorded on January 21st, 2013.

It's the new year everyone, and we've FINALLY brought you a new episode of Relative Dimensions. Between awful audio problems and Philip dying of the plague, I thought we'd never get a podcast episode out. To ease ourselves back into a regular schedule, we do some Halo 4 multiplayer (captured from my Xbox thanks to my new Elgato Game Capture HD). We've got some great plans for 2013 and ways of improving the show, so if you've got a suggestion, PLEASE let us know!

Relative Dimensions #22: "This Election Day, We Voted For Master Chief"

I didn't want to go another 3 weeks without an episode, so Philip and I decided to have a very special episode of Relative Dimensions this week - as you see our first reactions to Halo 4! Apologies up front for the quality of the video, I'll try my best to improve these console playbacks over time.