Magic The Gathering: Dragon's Maze Playthrough - OCDtv #25

Wizards of the Coast recently sent me a new Intro Deck from the latest Magic: The Gathering release: Dragon's Maze! Unlike the last video, I decided to let my friend Philip play the new deck while I continued to use the Intro Deck from Gatecrash.

It's Rakdos vs. Dimir in this Guild Showdown!

Minecraft Monday: Decidedly Vanilla #001

No OCDtv this week, instead you are getting the Minecraft video that I was *trying* to put up on Monday. The delay was due to some sound issues - which is partially why the sound doesn't quite match up for these first two videos.

New server time! My twitter friend @DeciTM has started up a server he's calling "Decidedly Vanilla" and I knew that I wanted to get on and do some LP'ing with him, so here is the first video from that server!

"World of Warcraft PvP Battlegrounds" - OCDtv #22

If you're a World of Warcraft player at all, you know that Patch 5.2 dropped this week!  This has been driving me to jump back into WoW more than I have here recently.  Specifically, I've been wanting to get caught up on PvP; I really haven't played much of it since Cataclysm.  So this week, watch me go through a couple of PvP matches on my mage and see how disoriented I can get in the heat of battle (especially when it lags really badly)...

Magic: The Gathering - Gatecrash Set Preview (OCDtv #20)

Wizards of the Coast sent me some preview cards for the new Magic the Gathering set "Gatecrash" that just released here recently.  I thought, what better way to review and show you guys the cards than to film Philip and I dueling it out!  Using a new webcam that I've gotten recently, I was able to make that happen.

Let me know what you think!  I could modify this setup so that we could play other games this way as well - would you be interested in watching us play?  What sort of games would you want to see?

Minecraft Mondays - Final Score Server #1

Hopefully starting a new trend here - based on comments I've received on my other Minecraft videos, I figured it was time to go back to the PC Minecraft and play on a multiplayer server.  So I got onto the Minecraft server of Scott Johnson's Final Score podcast community.  This video shows me starting out fresh on the server, wandering around checking out the place.

More XCraft 360! (OCDtv #17)

**Sorry for the weird audio in the beginning** Not sure why that happened, but it works itself out relatively quickly.

One more Xbox Minecraft playthrough for you guys - this time, watch me delve deep into the depths of the world, uncover caverns, battle monsters -- even find treasure!

Thinking about making a regular series of Minecraft videos - but Xbox or PC? Got a preference? Let me know below in the comments!

Relative Dimensions #27: "SWAT-ting Some Spartans In Halo 4"

Originally recorded on January 21st, 2013.

It's the new year everyone, and we've FINALLY brought you a new episode of Relative Dimensions. Between awful audio problems and Philip dying of the plague, I thought we'd never get a podcast episode out. To ease ourselves back into a regular schedule, we do some Halo 4 multiplayer (captured from my Xbox thanks to my new Elgato Game Capture HD). We've got some great plans for 2013 and ways of improving the show, so if you've got a suggestion, PLEASE let us know!

Trying Out Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version

I just got a cool new video capture card for Christmas and wanted to try it out - so I recorded myself trying out the Minecraft Xbox 360 version that I bought last month. Take a look as I explore the game for the first time and compare the experience to the full game.

Relative Dimensions #20: "Where Are The Rare Candies?"

This week we announce a few changes to the show, which are that: A) We are no longer recording the show live.  It is too much of a strain on my internet and I'm not happy with the quality that results from it. B) Instead of recording a show and an aftershow each week, we will just record the main show each week and then once or twice a month have a show where we can play some games/check out something new.

With that, listen to us ramble about the new World of Warcraft expansion, and watch me suck really bad at the new Battle Pets system.

Intro/Outro Music: "L3" by Skyhawk on his album "Function"