Minecraft Monday: Decidedly Vanilla #001

No OCDtv this week, instead you are getting the Minecraft video that I was *trying* to put up on Monday. The delay was due to some sound issues - which is partially why the sound doesn't quite match up for these first two videos.

New server time! My twitter friend @DeciTM has started up a server he's calling "Decidedly Vanilla" and I knew that I wanted to get on and do some LP'ing with him, so here is the first video from that server!

Minecraft Mondays - Final Score Server #1

Hopefully starting a new trend here - based on comments I've received on my other Minecraft videos, I figured it was time to go back to the PC Minecraft and play on a multiplayer server.  So I got onto the Minecraft server of Scott Johnson's Final Score podcast community.  This video shows me starting out fresh on the server, wandering around checking out the place.

More XCraft 360! (OCDtv #17)

**Sorry for the weird audio in the beginning** Not sure why that happened, but it works itself out relatively quickly.

One more Xbox Minecraft playthrough for you guys - this time, watch me delve deep into the depths of the world, uncover caverns, battle monsters -- even find treasure!

Thinking about making a regular series of Minecraft videos - but Xbox or PC? Got a preference? Let me know below in the comments!

Trying Out Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version

I just got a cool new video capture card for Christmas and wanted to try it out - so I recorded myself trying out the Minecraft Xbox 360 version that I bought last month. Take a look as I explore the game for the first time and compare the experience to the full game.

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