Fluxx, D&D 5th Edition Starter Set, & Garruk Is Awesome - Boards & Swords #27

2014-07-31 18.13.31-1
2014-07-31 18.13.31-1

Not much board gaming talk this week, but I had a chance to try out the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set with some friends and I talk about the experience.  Also, my latest experience in Friday Night Magic and I also break down the simple card game Fluxx!

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Obsessive Comics Disorder #39: "Toss In Some Cuteness For A Change"

Philip's sick this week, and we will be out of town next week, so instead of going a month or so without a podcast, I pulled an audible and asked Chloe if she wanted to be on the podcast.  Hear her point of view on Baltimore Comic Con, Dave & Busters, and the Magic Prerelease that we did this past weekend.

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The Adventures of Chloe #6: "On Our Way To Gaming Night"

I've been wanting to do a new episode for awhile, and this week Chloe and I were totally going to sit down and do one, but we ran out of time heading to our latest tradition - Board Gaming Night!  So, I unplugged the recorder and took it with us as we talk about some of the board games that we've been playing recently. adventuresofchloe.com adventuresofchloe@gmail.com Ask Chloe a question on twitter - @AskTheChloe