Obsessive Comics Disorder #39: "Toss In Some Cuteness For A Change"

Philip's sick this week, and we will be out of town next week, so instead of going a month or so without a podcast, I pulled an audible and asked Chloe if she wanted to be on the podcast.  Hear her point of view on Baltimore Comic Con, Dave & Busters, and the Magic Prerelease that we did this past weekend.

If you like this episode, check out the podcast Chloe & I do (sometimes) called "The Adventures of Chloe".

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Boards & Swords #2: Ticket To Ride, How To Get Started with Magic and D&D


This week, I back track a bit and discuss what D&D and Magic the Gathering are and give pointers on how you can get started in these games if you are interested.  I also talk about the new Small World iOS app, a kickstarter that I think D&D fans should support, and close out the show by breaking down the board game "Ticket to Ride"

Tabletop Connect Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/840448191/tabletop-connect-3d-virtual-tabletop?ref=live






Ticket to Ride video review:

Boards & Swords #1: Settlers of Catan, Creating a Dungeon, and Getting into Friday Night Magic

Welcome to Boards & Swords - a podcast exploring the world of tabletop gaming.  In this episode, I give some quick thoughts on the new game ROFL, discuss how I've gotten my daughter Chloe and myself into Friday Night Magic, and then briefly mention some of my upcoming adventures for my D&D group.  I finish off the episode by breaking down a very popular game that has been used by many as a gateway into board gaming - The Settlers of Catan. I'd love to hear your feedback!  The show is still new, and I'm still looking for ways to improve it.