Obsessive Comics Disorder #43: "It's Technology At The Intersection of Dick Tracy and Knight Rider"

In this episode, we jump all over the place; like talking about new wearable technology like Dick Tracy had.  Speaking of Dick Tracy, who came first: Dick Tracy or Batman?  Will Warlords of Draenor suck us back into WoW (Spoiler: Probably)?  Will either of us buy the new PS4 or Xbox One?  And what the heck are we going to do for a Christmas Show?!  All that and more this week!

Originally Recorded on November 17th, 2013

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The Adventures of Chloe #4: "Ask The Chloe!"

That's right, in this episode, I ask Chloe a couple of questions that I got from some folks on Twitter!  Thanks go to @drquest and @docxen for submitting questions!  First, however, we talk about Thanksgiving and a couple of other things that we have been up to. By the way, Chloe loves answering questions!  Send us your questions to chloe@ocdcast.com or on twitter to @AskTheChloe!  Most likely, your questions will end up on a future episode!

The Adventures of Chloe #2: “Happy Birthday Chloe!”

I finally get the (now) 8 year old to slow down long enough to record a podcast about all the different things that we've been up to, like WoW, Star Wars, what she got for Christmas and what she is wanting for her birthday. Ask Chloe a question!  -> chloe@ocdcast.com

Relative Dimensions #1: "Test Drive The New 2012 Relative Dimensions GXE Today!"

With the new year, comes the first official episode of the new Relative Dimensions!  Hear Philip and I talk about Christmas, New Years "Resolutions" and other randomness. Send us some feedback on what you'd like us to talk about on the show!

Awesome background mentioned during the show: http://i.imgur.com/2tPD7.jpg

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Relative Dimensions Beta #3: "The Relative Dimensions Christmas Special -- Beta Style"

In what is probably the last beta edition for the new Relative Dimensions format, my friends Jason and Philip show up again to the studio to play some Christmas games and celebrate the holidays.  Enjoy, and we'll see you guys in 2012 with hopefully the first "official" episode of the new Relative Dimensions!