The Adventures of Chloe #6: "On Our Way To Gaming Night"

I've been wanting to do a new episode for awhile, and this week Chloe and I were totally going to sit down and do one, but we ran out of time heading to our latest tradition - Board Gaming Night!  So, I unplugged the recorder and took it with us as we talk about some of the board games that we've been playing recently. Ask Chloe a question on twitter - @AskTheChloe

The Adventures of Chloe #4: "Ask The Chloe!"

That's right, in this episode, I ask Chloe a couple of questions that I got from some folks on Twitter!  Thanks go to @drquest and @docxen for submitting questions!  First, however, we talk about Thanksgiving and a couple of other things that we have been up to. By the way, Chloe loves answering questions!  Send us your questions to or on twitter to @AskTheChloe!  Most likely, your questions will end up on a future episode!