The Adventures of Chloe #7: "Commandering A Duck Dynasty Christmas"

I know its been awhile, but I managed to get Chloe back into the studio to record a pre-Christmas podcast!  We talk about a couple of the games we've been playing, what Chloe wants for Christmas, and talk about the new Magic the Gathering set coming up that she wants to see.  Then, we finish off the episode with Chloe's Top 5 TV Shows that she watches. Got a question/suggestion for a future Top 5 list for Chloe?  Let us know by emailing!

Obsessive Comics Disorder #39: "Toss In Some Cuteness For A Change"

Philip's sick this week, and we will be out of town next week, so instead of going a month or so without a podcast, I pulled an audible and asked Chloe if she wanted to be on the podcast.  Hear her point of view on Baltimore Comic Con, Dave & Busters, and the Magic Prerelease that we did this past weekend.

If you like this episode, check out the podcast Chloe & I do (sometimes) called "The Adventures of Chloe". http://ocdcast.com

The Adventures of Chloe #6: "On Our Way To Gaming Night"

I've been wanting to do a new episode for awhile, and this week Chloe and I were totally going to sit down and do one, but we ran out of time heading to our latest tradition - Board Gaming Night!  So, I unplugged the recorder and took it with us as we talk about some of the board games that we've been playing recently. Ask Chloe a question on twitter - @AskTheChloe

The Adventures of Chloe #4: "Ask The Chloe!"

That's right, in this episode, I ask Chloe a couple of questions that I got from some folks on Twitter!  Thanks go to @drquest and @docxen for submitting questions!  First, however, we talk about Thanksgiving and a couple of other things that we have been up to. By the way, Chloe loves answering questions!  Send us your questions to or on twitter to @AskTheChloe!  Most likely, your questions will end up on a future episode!

The Adventures of Chloe #3: "The Magic of Chlomunchkin"

It's been awhile, but it's a new episode of the Adventures of Chloe! We briefly mention some of the things that have happened since we last podcasted, but mainly focus on stuff I've introduced Chloe to recently, such as:

Munchkin Magic: The Gathering DC Universe Online

The Adventures of Chloe #2: “Happy Birthday Chloe!”

I finally get the (now) 8 year old to slow down long enough to record a podcast about all the different things that we've been up to, like WoW, Star Wars, what she got for Christmas and what she is wanting for her birthday. Ask Chloe a question!  ->

The Adventures of Chloe #1: "We Wanted To Talk About Other Stuff"

For those who didn't see the announcement I made on Twitter last week, Chloe and I have decided to stop doing "My Video Game Buddy" and start a new podcast called "The Adventures of Chloe".  This way, we could talk about other things that we do besides playing video games.  This week, we talk about seeing Green Lantern in 3D, Philadelphia Comic Con, and 4th of July!  You don't have to subscribe to a new feed, as it will stay in the same feed as "My Video Game Buddy". We've got a new website address and email too!

My Video Game Buddy #2: "Angry Birds"

This week, Chloe and I talk about Angry Birds--one of our favorite games on the iPad/iPod Touch.  We've also got a website set up now at and an email where you can give us suggestions for new games or talk about games that we've discussed at  Thanks to Deci (DeciTM on twitter) for the new album art!

My Video Game Buddy #1: "World of Warcraft"

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest podcast to the 1.21 Studios Network: "My Video Game Buddy".  This show is all about Chloe, my 7 year old video game buddy.  Each week, we'll have a short episode talking about one of our favorite video games.  This week, we'll be talking about World of Warcraft!  So sit back and enjoy gaming through the eyes of a 7 year old!