Eric Vogel and The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - Boards & Swords #59

On this episode, I sit down with Eric Vogel, who is the designer of The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (on kickstarter now!).  He talks about the development of the game, in addition to his gaming background.  If you enjoy the episode, go back the game and let Evil Hat Productions know you heard about the game here!

Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game -

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Boards & Swords #8: Android: Netrunner & How I Screwed Up Pandemic

photo (7)
photo (7)

This week I have LOTS of board games to talk about, I mention how my wife and I could not beat Pandemic until we read the rules again, and what happened to my D&D group in my second adventure.  Then we wrap everything up by breaking down the card game Android: Netrunner!

Boards & Swords #2: Ticket To Ride, How To Get Started with Magic and D&D


This week, I back track a bit and discuss what D&D and Magic the Gathering are and give pointers on how you can get started in these games if you are interested.  I also talk about the new Small World iOS app, a kickstarter that I think D&D fans should support, and close out the show by breaking down the board game "Ticket to Ride"

Tabletop Connect Kickstarter:


Ticket to Ride video review: