Obsessive Comics Disorder #53: "Are You My Mummy?"

This week, we try to figure out why a first grader knows how to lie about heroin, why Spider-Man should never drink, and which painting a robber jumped out of.  Not only that, but we try out a new game, Philip sees how good he is at naming comic book mothers, and the Douchebag Editor returns to shine some truth. If you'd like to comment or contribute to the show, send us an email at feedback@ocdcast.com.  You can also talk to us online, I'm @ChrisTheProf on twitter and Philip is @Philip_OCD.  You can also follow us on facebook at facebook.com/obsessivecomicsdisorder.  The background music in this episode was composed by Andrew Allen and can be found on his CD's "Free Play" and "Smooth Federation" - thanks for letting us play them on the show!  Check out ocdcast.com for other great stuff, including my tabletop gaming podcast "Boards & Swords".

Relative Dimensions #9: "Summer Summarization"

If you've been craving some movie/TV talk, well I'm hear to inform you that Relative Dimensions is back!  There's only the three of us this time, but Cathi, DrQuest, and I spend the time talking about what we've been watching in the break and our thoughts on the summer movie season in general.  Hope you enjoy!Intro (What have we been watching) The Main Event

Summer Movie Roundup / Fall TV Thoughts

Thor Priest X-Men First Class Green Lantern Super 8 Transformers Harry Potter Cowboys & Aliens Captain America

Favorites: Captain America/Super 8 (DrQuest), Captain America (Chris), Captain America/Super 8/Harry Potter (Cathi)

Least Favorites: Priest/Transformers (DrQuest), Transformers (Cathi), Super 8/Cowboys & Aliens (Chris)

Email: relativedimensionspodcast@gmail.com Website: relativedimensionspodcast.com

“Our theme music is ‘L3’ by Skyhawk from his album ‘Function’, which you can find on iTunes”.

RambleOn Podcast #21: A Wild Krillin appears...for Pizza Hut

Prepare for a discuss of greatness! A bit late but have no fear another episode is here. Topics:

(Movies) Thor, X-men: First Class, Star Wars Blu-rays

(Games) Gears of War 3, Dreamcast Collection, Diablo 3 Beta

(TV) Person of Interest, Survivor, Top Shot



Obsessive Comics Disorder #40: "Past Reviews And Previews"

Its a double dose of OCD as we record our regularly scheduled episode! We're talking the Avengers movie, a LOT of comics, and checking out the June Previews with Chris aka DrQuest. Thanks again to MapHook for sponsoring this episode! Subscribe to the feed for free using one of the methods below:

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