Relative Dimensions #9: "Summer Summarization"

If you've been craving some movie/TV talk, well I'm hear to inform you that Relative Dimensions is back!  There's only the three of us this time, but Cathi, DrQuest, and I spend the time talking about what we've been watching in the break and our thoughts on the summer movie season in general.  Hope you enjoy!Intro (What have we been watching) The Main Event

Summer Movie Roundup / Fall TV Thoughts

Thor Priest X-Men First Class Green Lantern Super 8 Transformers Harry Potter Cowboys & Aliens Captain America

Favorites: Captain America/Super 8 (DrQuest), Captain America (Chris), Captain America/Super 8/Harry Potter (Cathi)

Least Favorites: Priest/Transformers (DrQuest), Transformers (Cathi), Super 8/Cowboys & Aliens (Chris)

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“Our theme music is ‘L3’ by Skyhawk from his album ‘Function’, which you can find on iTunes”.

Relative Dimensions #2: "Excommunicating Priest"

Its our second episode!  This time, we talk about Wonder Woman being cancelled, the first photos of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, how much Chris got freaked out by Friday the 13th, and how much the other Chris (DrQuest) hates the movie Priest. Guest Host this week: Mark aka ScooterPrime from the RambleOn podcast.

Intro (What have we been watching)

News about TV/Movies --

First photo of Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"

NBC turns down "Wonder Woman"

Sponsor - MapHook! Contest: Who is your favorite mutant? Prize:  $15 Fandango Gift Card

"Trailer Talk" -- Looking at the latest and greatest trailers to come out


Green Lantern -

Transformers: Dark of the Moon -

The Main Event

Priest -

Email: Website: Our theme music is "L3" by Skyhawk from his album "Function", which you can find on iTunes.