Obsessive Comics Disorder #46: "Previews: It's Mark's First"

It's time for Previews again!  This time, we get a fourth opinion on the matter as Mark gets to join in on the fun!  Thanks again to our friends at MapHook for sponsoring this episode!  Updates:

  • New Schedule?
  • Relative Dimensions
  • OCD Meetup at Baltimore Comic Con!
  • Forums!

Book Club! For August! Marvel 1602

August Previews! Pick of the Month Chris: Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes #1 Cathi: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. #1. DrQuest: Cold War #1 Mark: Last of the Greats #1

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Obsessive Comics Disorder #40: "Past Reviews And Previews"

Its a double dose of OCD as we record our regularly scheduled episode! We're talking the Avengers movie, a LOT of comics, and checking out the June Previews with Chris aka DrQuest. Thanks again to MapHook for sponsoring this episode! Subscribe to the feed for free using one of the methods below:

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