Boards & Swords #12: Carcassonne, What Makes A Good Gaming Store?

photo 2 (8)
photo 2 (8)

This week, we see the return of some roleplaying game talk, chat for a bit about what makes up a good gaming store, and break down the classic game Carcassonne!

Board Games

Android: Netrunner - Still cannot win at this game! Bought the first data pack, made a pretty killer Haas-Bioroid corp deck

X-wing Miniatures - Also lost. My “tried and true” A-wing setup doesn’t work well against non-swarm builds.

Recently purchased, but can’t wait to play: Forbidden Desert, Rampage


“Join the Rebel Alliance” - Looking at the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion beginner game

Magic The Gathering/Roleplaying Games

Continuation from the news segment, but I talk about getting Chloe interested in Roleplaying games.

Featured Topic

What makes a good gaming store? I talk about some of the experiences I had on travel and 2 stores in particular that I went to up in New Jersey.

Board Game Breakdown

Carcassonne by Z-Man Games

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photo 1 (8)


None this week - let me know what you guys are playing!


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