Relative Dimensions #26: "A Fitness MMO? Isn't That Called A Gym?"

Yes, that's right, a CCP exec talked about creating a fitness MMO, what Diablo III would be like on consoles and A REAL LIFE TRICORDER?!?!  All of this and much more in this week's episode.

NOTE - we will be going on break until the beginning of the new year.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we hope that you survive the Mayan Apocalypse.

Intro/Outro Music - "L3" by Skyhawk on his album "Function"

News Stories

Patch 5.2: Changes to farming possible, including rest area

Darkmoon Carousel increases XP and reputation gains

Diablo III running on consoles at Blizzard

Former CCP exec aims to create a fitness MMO

Star Trek Online reveals holiday rewards

December's Ask Cryptic covers Season 8 and the third anniversary of Star Tr

The Secret World officially abolishes subscriptions!

Scientist create real life #StarTrek tricorder for $150, detects health vit

Report: G4 to become the Esquire channel

“@DualShockers: Valve Announces a Steam Console For Your Living Room #gamin

This looks pretty awesome! - 'Walking Dead' to be rebroadcast in black and

Relative Dimensions #24: "Well That Scenario Escalated Quickly"

Not a whole lot of news this week, so we decided that a playthrough was in order!  Now that Philip is level 90 in WoW, we can run some scenarios (instanced group questing) and so after a little bit of chatting we jump into a couple of scenarios.  Watch/listen as I die (many many times), Philip tries to figure out what it going on, and more in this episode. Intro/Outro Music - "L3" by Skyhawk from his album "Function"