Relative Dimensions \ Obsessive Comics Disorder #38: "Baltimore Comic Con Wrap-up"

That's right everyone!  We're changing things up yet *again*.  Over the past few weeks, I've been really thinking about where to go with Relative Dimensions and what to do with the show.  Finally, this weekend I realized that the podcast that I wanted to do most is the one I was really already starting to do - a podcast with my best friend Philip about all the geeky obsessions we have.  Comic books, games (board/card games and video games), movies, TV, etc. - which is everything that I talk about on this site as well.  So why do I need to have a different podcast with a different name to talk about all of the same things - why not have the podcast and the website be the same and talk about the same things.  So thus, we are bringing back the "Obsessive Comics Disorder" name and slapping it onto the Relative Dimensions feed.  The old OCD podcast feed will fade away (the links do not work anyways) and those that are subscribed to the original Relative Dimensions feed will not have to do anything but watch as it transitions into the new OCD podcast feed.

We've also got a new email!  You can send stuff to us at now!

In this podcast - Philip and I talk about our recent trip to Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend and all the fun that ensued.  Did you go?  Send us your thoughts and opinions.