"Got That Ice Cold Water...Just For A Dollar" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #60

2014-09-07 10.31.50
2014-09-07 10.31.50

We're back from Baltimore Comic Con!  We've got lots of stories and things to talk about - especially since the interviews we recorded while at the show got lost!  But it's okay, we still talk about the people we talked to and the things we saw (or didn't want to see).  Not to mention we finish off the show with a new Letter from a Douchebag Editor! Runners -


First Law of Mad Science -


Team Genesis -


Stronghold -


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"Like A D20 With 1's On Every Side" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #59

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2014-09-01 14.55.57

THIS WEEK - I get beat over and over again in board games (I know, nothing new), we are both super psyched for Baltimore Comic Con this coming weekend, and we find ourselves redeemed as Letters from a Douchebag Editor returns!!  All of this and much more!

Hashtag of the Week #worstconever

Last week's favorite #failedgenconreleases: Chris:

“The Sharknado LCG!” “Monday Night Football: The Board Game”

@docxen “Guardians of the Laxative"

@popculturecube: "EXPANSION! - The Base Gameless Game” “ALL 1’s - D&D Botch Dice"

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Relative Dimensions \ Obsessive Comics Disorder #38: "Baltimore Comic Con Wrap-up"

That's right everyone!  We're changing things up yet *again*.  Over the past few weeks, I've been really thinking about where to go with Relative Dimensions and what to do with the show.  Finally, this weekend I realized that the podcast that I wanted to do most is the one I was really already starting to do - a podcast with my best friend Philip about all the geeky obsessions we have.  Comic books, games (board/card games and video games), movies, TV, etc. - which is everything that I talk about on this site as well.  So why do I need to have a different podcast with a different name to talk about all of the same things - why not have the podcast and the website be the same and talk about the same things.  So thus, we are bringing back the "Obsessive Comics Disorder" name and slapping it onto the Relative Dimensions feed.  The old OCD podcast feed will fade away (the links do not work anyways) and those that are subscribed to the original Relative Dimensions feed will not have to do anything but watch as it transitions into the new OCD podcast feed.

We've also got a new email!  You can send stuff to us at feedback@ocdcast.com now!

In this podcast - Philip and I talk about our recent trip to Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend and all the fun that ensued.  Did you go?  Send us your thoughts and opinions.

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My Nerdy First Year of Marriage

This is probably going to be a shorter post this week, but I am hitting an important milestone and I definitely wanted to talk about it today.  Past the break, I take a good look back over the past year as I continue to move into a new phase of life.

This weekend is very special for Ashley and myself.  One year ago, we tied the knot and officially became Husband and Wife -- though in our hearts we've been married to each other much longer than that.  Much has happened to us over the past year, sometimes to the point where it surprises me that it's only been one year.  Having married a fellow nerd, I'd like to look back at some of our more nerdy highlights over the past year.

We started off our life together by traveling down to Myrtle Beach, SC for our honeymoon.  We were there only for a couple of days, but I wish we could have stayed there for longer!  We made sure to sprinkle in plenty of nice dinners and being with each other, but we definitely sprinkled in a few nerdy aspects as well.  For instance, we played mini golf at the Dragon's Lair golf course; playing through several medieval themed holes as they spiraled around this castle looking structure.  It was during our honeymoon that I got a glimmer of hope that Ashley would one day play Munchkin with me as we found Munchkin Zombies in a store while we were looking around.  She saw it and mentioned that version she would be more inclined to play than the other sets that I already had; so of course I bought it.  We also stumbled upon this place called "MagiQuest", which ended up being this real-life fantasy game that we very much enjoyed playing.  In it, you create a wand and carry it around waving it at objects to activate items or collect objects that you can use to complete quests (I talked about it in depth on an episode of Relative Dimensions if you are interested).

Ashley and I try and attend Baltimore Comic Con every year, and we attended this year as well.  This year we felt like pros - knowing exactly which booths to hit first and try and make sure to get some good deals.  Ashley managed to find several of the premium World of Warcraft action figures for only $5!  That's a heck of a bargain!  Baltimore wasn't the only convention this past year that we hit, as she went with Chloe and I to the LEGO Kids Fest in Richmond back in February.  We all had a great time looking through the various LEGO brick statues and activities that they had scattered through the convention hall.  I know there will be many more conventions in our future; from Baltimore to Boston (I've got her possibly interested in going with me to PAX East next year) to one day perhaps even San Diego.  I've heard her say a couple of times that she wants to go to San Diego Comic Con one year.  One year, I hope to take her there and explore it together.

One of the passions that I've developed over the past year has been my love for board gaming - and Ashley has done her part to stoke the flame.  I already mentioned up above that she showed some interest in learning Munchkin, one of my favorite games - well later that year she finally broke down and I taught her how to play.  Now, its a game that we can both play with Chloe when we get a chance to sit down and spend some family time together.  She even surprised me one day when I came home from work with a new Munchkin set - Star Munchkin - for no reason at all!  And imagine my happiness when I woke up on Valentine's Day to find a copy of Ticket to Ride waiting for me.

So as you can see, Ashley and I have definitely had our moments of geekiness together this past year.  It has definitely been a wonderful year, and I look forward to sharing many more wonderful years with her!

My 9 Geekiest Moments With The Cloverfield

This weekend is Chloe's (otherwise known to me as The Cloverfield) 9th Birthday.  With that, I thought I'd dedicate this week's blog post to her by going through the 9 geekiest moments that I've had with her - or at least the 9 geekiest moments that I have pictures of.  Click through to find out what those moments are…

For those of you that don't know, Chloe is my daughter.  She's actually my step-daughter, but I've accepted her in my heart as my daughter.  I've known her for just about 4 years now, and during that short time have come to teach her the ways of the geek.  As I was going through the pictures I have of her on my phone/facebook/etc, I picked out a couple that stood out to me as some of our geekier times, listed chronologically:

1) Playing Video Games With Her

I am a pretty big video gamer (as most of you are well aware of), so it was only natural that I would try and share this love of gaming with Chloe.  Being too young for some of the games I was playing such as Halo, Call of Duty, etc., we started off with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  Later, we moved on to games like Castle Crashers, Mario Kart, and even Minecraft!  In fact, we even did a whole podcast devoted to the games we played, until we decided we wanted to talk about other topics too.

2) World of Warcraft

Technically a video game, WoW deserves its own category just from the amount of time we've played it compared to other games.  It all started back one day when Ashley was over at my apartment with Chloe.  She was borrowing my shower (it may have been after we had been outside rummaging through the snow), and Chloe was watching TV while I was playing WoW.  She came over to where I was, curious as to what I was doing.  So instead of telling her about it, I let her make a character and showed her how to play.  She took to it in no time (I've got video proof of this below), and has since fallen in love with the game.  She got her own account so that she could make multiple characters - probably her favorite aspect of the game.  Sometimes, we will both play next to each other, but nowadays if we are both playing we will jump on our Goblins.  We've been leveling them together, and we've gotten them up to level 26 or so.


Another early moment between Chloe and I (although the picture is from this past Christmas) is our fondness of LEGO Bricks (I've been recently corrected that they are LEGO Bricks, not LEGOs).  Back before I moved in with Chloe and Ashley, I was searching for things to have at my apartment for when Chloe would come over.  When I was growing up, I LOVED LEGO Bricks.  I used to build all sorts of contraptions with them, both sets and just free building things with whatever random pieces I had laying around. So, I thought that it would be nice to have a bucket of LEGO Bricks that I could pull out whenever Chloe came over.  They were a hit with her, and we've been playing with various LEGO sets ever since.  She's in love with the LEGO Friends sets, so I imagine that her LEGO collection will not be ending anytime soon.

4) Annapolis Comic Con

I'll talk more about comic cons in a little bit, but I threw Annapolis Comic Con up here separately because it was the first 'con that I attended as a participant, not as a fan.  I bought a booth, had signs and handouts made - even had a contest!  Chloe got excited for the comic con too - she had us buy a Batgirl outfit that she wore for the 'con and stood at the booth handing out fliers and promoting the show.  She had a blast!

5) Halloween 2011

Chloe and myself love to dress up - especially for halloween.  In 2011, we were looking for costumes in Kmart when we stumbled upon some "The Walking Dead" costumes for the creepy zombie girl in the pilot and Rick Grimes.  We bought the costumes and went as a matching pair for Halloween that year.  Chloe was so creepy as a zombie!  She hated the mouthpiece that got glued onto her face, but it just fully completes the costume.  People don't believe me when I talk about how creepy she looked as a zombie, so I like to have these pictures available on my phone for me to pull out and prove to them.

6) The Avengers

Fast forward to May 2012 - The Avengers is in opening in theaters!  Chloe loves comic books, so we knew that we should take her along to see the movie with us (and we weren't going at midnight this time).  She had a couple of the Thor pieces that were available in the toy aisle, so she threw those on and went to the movie with us.  She was tired, so she did fall asleep in the middle for a few minutes, but overall she loved the movie.

7) Baltimore Comic Con

We've taken Chloe to about 3 or 4 comic conventions over the years, but our family's favorite convention each year is Baltimore Comic Con.  It is close by, has lots of great stuff to look at, and there are plenty of great deals to be had!  The past couple of times we have went, Ashley has found us some great deals on World of Warcraft action figures, combining two of our geeky hobbies.

8) Magic: The Gathering

Deciding that Chloe was not geeky enough after all of this, I taught Chloe how to play the card game Magic: The Gathering.  She had seen me look at the cards in the game aisle and watched me play the Duels of the Planeswalkers video game, so she had been curious of the game for quite awhile.  I had been waiting for her to get older to understand the game, but finally I took a risk and taught her how to play.  She beat me on her first time playing!  Needless to say, she picked up the game pretty well and even got her own Magic deck to play with for Christmas.  I'm hoping that she can get good enough at the game on her own that we can play in some local tournaments at some point.

9) Munchkin

Last on the list but probably first in her heart is the card game Munchkin.  I taught her how to play around the same time that I taught her Magic, and she caught onto this game the most.  Any time we have a free moment, she is asking to play Munchkin.  I think she's been playing it too much though - she is getting really good at it!  She has become really devious at the game; pulling out monster enhancers at the best time so that you have to have help, then offering her assistance.  I'm going to have to keep my eye on her from now on when we play.
So there are my geeky moments with Chloe.  I'm sure we will have many more over the years and I can't wait to share them with her.  You can hear about them as well, by listening to our podcast "The Adventures of Chloe". It's all about me teaching her how to be a geek, while she teaches me how to be a dad.

Baltimore Comic Con Wrap-Up

This past weekend, I took the family (and Philip) up to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comic Con! Those of you who listen to Relative Dimensions have heard some of this on this week's episode, but for everyone else I wanted to put up a blog post about it as well. Read onwards to hear what I thought.

Ever since I have gotten into comic books, I have looked forward to the Baltimore Comic Con every year. It is probably my favorite comic convention that I have been to (New York ranks up there as well, but the distance and money involved make it second best). The first year I went, Ashley and I even dressed up and participated in the first annual costume contest that they held.

So how did this year rank up? First of all, I tried to fix many mistakes that I had made in the past. Starting off - I tried to park a little ways away from the convention center, but not TOO far away. My reasoning for this - I didn't want to have a long walk, but I didn't want to waste $15-20 of valuable comic con money to pay for parking. I still ended up paying $10, which is not as good as I would have liked, but I think to get any cheaper I would have had a long hike.

Secondly, I made sure to get there as soon as I could. We got to the convention center right around when the con started, and aside from some issues checking in (more on that in a second), we still were able to get in not too long after the doors opened. Given that most of the vendors do not change between years, Ashley led the way to one side of the dealers and started looking for good deals -- which she succeeded at. She found some of the World of Warcraft Premium series of action figures for only $5 a pop (normally they are like $30+), which we quickly snatched up. At the same booth, I even found the Caveman Batman and Colonial Batman figures from the Return of Bruce Wayne series (didn't really care to get them at $15+, but at $5? Sure!).

Normally, I use Baltimore Comic Con as an excuse to stock up on $5 trade paperbacks, but this year I didn't see a lot of them that I wanted. Ashley and Chloe sure stocked up though; they found lots of them that they wanted to read. I'm not going to complain, anything to get Chloe reading is a plus in my book. What I *did* find though were a lot of retailers selling $1 single issues - INCLUDING new releases! I immediately took to those bins, digging for any New 52 Batman titles. See, I haven't been following that many comics recently due to the wedding/new house. While I've stayed up to date with at least Batman and Justice League, a lot of the other Bat-titles (Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics) I've gotten behind on. However, at $1 an issue, I quickly caught up on many of those titles, which I'm excited about.

My only beef with Baltimore Comic Con is that if you show up to the event having not bought a ticket, it can be kind of hard to understand what you need to do. Ashley and I had already got tickets in advance, so we were good; but Philip didn't. We spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what line he needed to be in and where to go for tickets. At one point, someone made us believe that he had to get his ticket and then leave the convention center to get his wristband, but that turned out not to be the case. The other downside to the convention wasn't the convention's fault, it was my lack of keeping up with the comic book world. I normally like to cruise around artist alley and interview a couple of comics peoples, but having not that much time to spend at the con and not being as up to date on what people are working on, I chose to spend my time going through the rest of the floor.

All in all, Baltimore is a great convention that I look forward to going to with the family every year. Just as in years before, I'll take lessons from this year and apply them to my experience next year. Heck - hopefully next year or the year afterwards I'll be able to afford a table at the con and be there both days to enjoy the event to the fullest. If you live in the DC/MD/VA/PA area, then I highly suggest that you attend next year.

Did you go to the convention? What did you enjoy about it? Leave me a note in the comments.


Obsessive Comics Disorder #49: "Other Companies Put Out Number 1's?"

DC has got a lot of coverage recently with their new 52, but they aren't the only one putting out new series!  We talk about a few other books out on the shelf that you should take a look at, plus some talk about all the conventions that we've been to recently. Convention Stuff! Baltimore Comic Con Annapolis Comic Con Geek Girl Con New York Comic Con Baltimore Comic Con Optimus Prime Picture http://cdn.themis-media.com/media/global/images/library/deriv/67/67829.jpg Furniture for Gaming Geeks -> Geek Chic (http://www.geekchichq.com)


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