Obsessive Comics Disorder #32: "Look Out For Those Angry Birds of Prey"

We thought it was going to be a short show this week, as we skip 2 segments that we normally do, but we fill in some time by going over some recent headlines and stories going on in the comic book world.  Thanks again to MapHook for sponsoring this episode!  Head over to http://www.maphook.com and post a hook in the "Geek Culture" category talking about which theater you would like to see "Thor" in.  You'll be entered to win the Hardcover copy of Jonathan Hickman's amazing "Ultimate Comics Thor" storyline.
This Just In:
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Book Club! This Month: G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds by Max Brooks Next Month: Axe Cop Vol. 1 (Dark Horse)

Off The Shelf: Pick o' the Week: (Cathi) 68. #1. Image. (Chris) Avengers #12

Invincible Iron Man #503 Super Dinosaur #1 Birds of Prey #11

Green Lantern #65 / Green Lantern Corps #59 Red Robin #22 Nonplayer #1

DMZ #64. Free States Rising. 3 of 4. Fables #104. Super Team, chapter 3. Farscape #18, Solomon Kane, #1, Red Shadows, Part 1 of 4. Dark Horse. Casanova, Gula #4.

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