Comic Bookery: 4-26-11

Another good haul of comics coming out this week!  Here are some of the highlights that I believe are worth looking into: DC

Action Comics #900 - DC in addition to the comic book medium as a whole reach a milestone this week as Action Comics (the comic book where Superman got his start) reaches issue #900!  Recently, Action Comics has been doing a storyline featuring Lex Luthor, so this issue is special in another way as it features the return of Superman again to his home comic book.  Even if you aren't a Superman fan you may want to pick this up simply for the historical value (how many comics get to issue 900?).


Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 4 HC - For those of you who wanted to read Fantastic Four #587 (where we find out the fate of Johnny Storm), but realized it was a part of a larger story, this is for you.  This hardcover collects all the issues of the "Three" storyline, so those of you who waited can finally read the whole storyline.  I've read all of these issues and if you thought #587 was great; the rest of the story is simply spectacular!

The Mighty Thor #1 - When the 1st Iron Man movie came out, Marvel rebooted its Iron Man comic with a #1 to make it easy for readers to get into the characters and storyline.  With the Thor movie coming out, they are hoping to repeat its success by putting Matt Fraction on this new Thor title, giving it a fresh start for readers who are curious about Thor with the new movie on the horizon.  If you are excited about the movie at all, you should pick up this book.