"There must be something wrong with the atmosphere" - In the Knerd


I didn't get a chance to post something yesterday (should have expected as much with Cataclysm coming out), so today I'll make up for it with 2 posts.  So, you might be wondering, did I end up waiting outside GameStop for Cataclysm, or was I safe and warm inside of Walmart?  I'll answer by saying this:

It was freaking cold Monday night/Tuesday morning.

I decided it would be a better idea to call Walmart beforehand and ask them if they would in fact have the Cataclysm Collector's Editions (CE).  Unfortunately, the guy informed me, the release was being managed by their vendor, who had not told them the amounts of each copy that they were getting.  So they couldn't tell me if they were going to have the CE or not.  I'd just like to point out that is the STUPIDEST thing I've ever heard of.  You're trying to get customers to come to you instead of your competitor's, and you can't even answer any questions about the game because the vendor is managing it for you.  I'm cool with them getting a vendor to work all of this, the part I'm having trouble with is that the vendor should have either

(a) Been at the store earlier than 11 to answer questions (b) Given the Walmart employees at least a little information so they sound like they know what they are doing (for once).

The only reason they get away with this crap is because their Walmart.  So, given all of this, I decided to go to GameStop.  And GameStop actually managed to redeem themselves from all the crap I've had to go through recently with them.  First of all, when I got there at 10pm, all I had to do was just walk inside a pay.  Then, instead of waiting in line all night, we received a number which was to be our place in line.  So we could leave, then come back 30 mins beforehand and get in our proper spot.  Awesomesauce.

Anyhoo, so we both brought home the games and installed them, and unlike every other WoW player I know, we had to go to sleep and get up the next morning for work, not being able to play the game until that evening.  Seriously, all day I got to hear stuff via texts/Twitter/Facebook/etc about people staying home "sick" or off from work and power leveling their characters.  While I am jealous of people having level 81, 82+ characters, I'm in no hurry and I'll get there eventually.  Maybe this time around, I'll actually be able to keep up with the raiding content and get to experience a whole new side of the game for once.

We'll see.

Check back later for a non-World of Warcraft related post.  I promise.