In the Knerd - 12/6/10: "Waiting in a Blizzard for a Blizzard game"

I've decided that I need to blog more on this website, so I present to you a new column: "In the Knerd".  The name is kind of a play on words of "in the know" and "in the nerd", basically meaning its a place where I'll just talk about all the things going on inside my head.  I'm going to try and post frequently--I'm not going to promise to do a different post daily, but that's my goal.  In a way, it will be like my nerdy diary.

So then -- what a day to start on!  I'm so excited, as right now I'm waiting before one of my grad classes but as soon as its over I get to speed home where Ashley will be waiting for me.  After throwing some clothes in the washer (not important, but if I type it I'll remember better), the two of us are heading out to experience the awesomeness of Cataclysm launch night!

For those of you who may not have been around me or listen to the few "Nerd is the Word" podcasts we've done, "Cataclysm" is the new expansion to the hit video game World of Warcraft (WoW) produced by Blizzard Entertainment.  Ashley and I have been eagerly anticipating this release for over a year now--in fact its the primary reason we both got back into WoW.  Tonight, all kinds of geeks and nerds will be huddled in front of our local GameStop waiting for midnight to strike so that they can be the first to get the game.  Both of us have a collector's edition waiting for us there, which has all sorts of soundtracks and behind the scenes stuff in addition to the game.

Here in lies the problem: according to, its supposed to get around 32 degrees F tonight--and the waiting line for the midnight release will be outside in the cold.  Not really going to work for me, and I KNOW Ashley wont stand out in it.  So, since I haven't completely pre-paid for our games (something I've learned not to do over the years), we are going to first try and hit up the Walmart near us to see if they are going to carry the Collector's Edition version of the game.  If so, we'll probably be one of the first in line and thus we'll just wait (inside) until midnight comes.  If they don't have it, we'll end up going to GameStop and paying and then sitting out in the car until midnight comes.  Problem solved.

Anyways, that's all I've got today.  Wish me luck tonight!

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