2014 Studio Tour / How I Podcast

It has been awhile since I showed you guys a bit of what goes on behind the scenes in my podcasts/videos.  Since I just finished a big redesign of the studio, I thought now would be a good opportunity to give you a tour of the studio and talk about how I produce my podcasts.  Comment if you have any further questions, and I hope you enjoy!

"Podcasts I listen to: Part 1" - In The Knerd

I've done one of these posts before, but it was on another website and it was a long time ago.  So I thought that I'd update everyone on all the things I'm into.  Hopefully, I can introduce you guys to some new shows that you may not have heard of yet.  There will be a couple of these posts, and I'll post them over the next few weeks at random.  So, with that, away we go! The Audacity to Podcast  - Daniel Lewis does an awesome show giving people advice on "putting the POD" (passion, organization, dialogue) into podcasting.  Unlike some podcasters who use expensive programs like Adobe Audition, Daniel uses the free program Audacity to record his shows.  In this podcast, he not only gives general podcasting advice but offers tips on how to utilize Audacity to podcast.

Chicken Pop Pod - A retro comedy podcast featuring 4 awesome friends, this was one of the first podcasts I ever started listening to and I've been a pretty constant listener for 2 years.  These guys pick a retro topic each week and completely tear it to pieces, make fun of Paula Deen and Justin Bieber, and invent new slang at the same time.  They are currently in the process of "rebooting" the show, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Nobody's Listening  - The very first podcast I listened to, James and John are "telling fun life stories" and having a blast doing so.  The show originally went away for awhile, but recently the two have brought the show back with a new format that is staked fun of awesomeness.

Podcast Answer Man - One of the most knowledgable podcasters on the internet, Cliff Ravenscraft is a man making a living off of podcasting and helping people improve their podcasts.  Although people pay him to help them; he still produces a show each week giving out free advice to people on common issues facing podcasters.

Podcast Starter - Another James Kennison podcast, this is another show about helping people improve their podcasts.  However, James focuses on people who are podcasting as a hobby, offering tips and tricks to people on how to get started and get going--knowing full well that not everyone can afford a $500 microphone.  I'm somewhat biased on this show as I produce a segment at the end of the show that you'll hear every other episode or so.

The Super Secret Podcast for Young Husbands - Robert from the "It's Just Us" podcast and Mike from the "Too Much Information" podcast come together to give tips to young husbands to keep them from sucking.  I'm not a husband yet (but I will be soon!), but I keep listening to learn new things to keep me from being a bad husband when Ashley and I do get married.

The Watchtower - The podcast that helped fuel my obsession into comic books, Jeff and Donnie talk about everything that's important in the world of comic books.  Between news, reviews, and covering the various issues, you wont find a better comic book podcast out there (except maybe at http://ocdcast.com)

- Remember, this is just a small portion of podcasts, I still have many others that are on my iPod that I'm saving for a future post!