Relative Dimensions Beta #1: "Getting Fat On Double XP"

WARNING - There is a really funny but really vulgar clip that is played from 55:08 - 55:58.  The audio clip played contains some profanity that may offend some listeners.  If such content would offend you or is inappropriate, please skip ahead or cut off the episode at this point.  Sorry for this, I will try my best not to make this a regular thing. Warnings aside, here is the first "Beta" episode of the new Relative Dimensions format that we tested out this past Sunday.  Mark from the RambleOn podcast joins me in addition to my friend Philip who was live in studio with me.  We talk about all sorts of things and have a great time.  I loved it, and can't wait to record again!  Remember, we are recording more "beta" episodes in December each Sunday at 8pm Eastern, and you can catch the live audio and video over at

Topics Covered:

Christmas Shopping / Black Friday

Video Games -Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 -Battlefield 3 -DCUO -Star Trek Online


Christmas Wish Lists

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