How Do I Get My Players to Roleplay? - Ask the Prof

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Brandon from the Brawling Brothers podcast (@BrawlingBros) asked: 

"How do you loosen up the 'stiffs' at the table and have them fall into character?!?" 

First of all, calling them stiffs is probably not helping your cause. Secondly, I totally know where Brandon is coming from. One of the first games I ran as a GM was the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG from Wizards of the Coast (basically D&D 3.5 but with Star Wars). I was trying to get a new group of friends into RPGs and as such pretty much everyone in my game had never played in a RPG before. A couple of players got into it, but there was one or two people that basically acted like we were playing Zork

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A Second Edition of Pathfinder? - Roll Playing

Paizo has announced that a second edition of their Pathfinder Roleplaying game will be coming in a few years.  Why are they doing this?  I take a look at some board game parallels to help understand the logic in this move.

Why is my channel called OCD?

Hi!  My name is Chris Renshaw, and I love geeky things.  In this video, I talk about where the name "Obsessive Comics Disorder" came from, and if you are new to the channel what kinds of things you can expect from here.


"The Pros of Gen Con" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #89

We both just got back from a whirlwind adventure at Gen Con 2015 and can't wait to share our adventures with you guys!  Hear all about the crazy things we got ourselves into and the things that we saw.

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Dead of Winter, Top 5 Board Game Apps - Boards & Swords #42

Not as many board games to discuss this week, so I dive into some featured topics such as my Top 5 App versions of board games and what my thoughts are of D&D 5th Edition as it has been almost a year since its release. All of that, plus a breakdown of one of my newfound favorite games: Dead of Winter!

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