"It's a Pet You Can Find in Your Back Yard!" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #91

We've got Apple announcements, Pokemon to catch in our future, and I kinda want to play X-wing Miniatures again.  Plus, we stomp on a few crappy kickstarters and come up with a few bad ones ourselves.  All of this and more this week!

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Nova Open, Peter Adkison of Chaldea - Boards & Swords #47

Lots of great stuff to talk about this week, and I'm not sure what I'm fueled on recording this late one night but I hope the energy for all of the gaming that I have been up to post Gen Con shows. Over the past month, I've gotten to try a bunch of new (to me!) board games and I even had the chance to go to another convention!  There was a small wargaming convention called the "Nova Open" up in Arlington, VA not too long ago and I talk about my experiences at that con.  

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have my last Gen Con interview for you guys, and it's probably my favorite one: Peter Adkison (one of the founders of Wizards of the Coast) talks with me about Chaldea, his most recent project.  Buckle up everyone!

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