Chris vs. The Batman - 8/11/11

I haven't had a chance to draw much the past couple of days, but today I finally had a little bit of time to myself and I thought I'd try another Batman drawing. After doing a couple of my own attempts at Batman, I thought I'd go back to trying to duplicate somebody else's take on Batman. One of the best artists around that has drawn Batman is Jim Lee, and I did a google search for some of his artwork. The picture I decided to draw is shown at the bottom of this post, but here is my attempt at it:

The first thing you might notice is that its not complete. I had a really rough time drawing this picture. Seriously, I have a new found respect for comic book artists and the amount of time/effort/sweat that they pour into these pages. When I started off with the head, I wasn't doing that bad, except for the eyes which I couldn't seem to get right. However, once I moved onwards to the rest of his body, I just couldn't get it right. I kept having to draw and erase so many times because I wasn't happy with what I was doing. Therefore, I decided to just attempt a little bit of the chest/arm and call it quits for today. At some point in the future, I may revisit this drawing and try and finish it, but for now it I think it looks kinda cool with what I have.

Got any tips? Let me know in the comments!