Quick Fix #7: Infinity #1 (Marvel Comics)

photo 2 (5)
photo 2 (5)

Thanos is looking for something...and it seems like its on Earth!  With the Avengers away, who will save us?  Today we jump over to Marvel and talk about Infinity #1.

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I'm Trying Out Pepakura! First Up, Iron Man!

I've been posting on twitter recently about a new craft project that I've been working on.  To get the full skinny on what I've done so far, read on!

For a long time, I've been interested in making custom costume pieces myself.  I've been following Bill Doran over at punishedprops.com for awhile now and his work has inspired me to create my own work.  From college, I have some experience working with fiberglass and now that we've moved into this larger home I have a workshop area where I could work on said projects.  However, right now this space is packed full of boxes and I don't have the money to invest in the equipment and materials.

Yet, the other week, Bill mentioned something about "Pepakura" and it got me investigating.  Basically, pepakura is a program that allows you to take 3D models and "unfolds" them into paper sheets.  Then, you can print out the sheets and recreate the model as a papercraft object.  I figured I could use it to do some experimenting cheaply until I can move on to more complicated projects.  My first project -- Iron Man!  Or should I say, Iron Man's helmet.  I'm using a pre-made Pepakura project by someone who goes as "Robo3687" online, so thanks go to him for the awesome detail that's been put into the Iron Man model.  Here's what the helmet looks like thus far:

Here is what I have done so far.  Only a little ways in, having printed out the helmet plans, cut out some of the pieces and assembled them using hot glue.  Already I've learned some valuable lessons:

1) Hot glue is definitely hot, and yet not hot for very long - I've had to bite my tongue and work to get the pieces together quickly, as the hot glue will cool off very quickly if I do not put the pieces together quick enough.  Either that, or I have to work small parts at a time so that I give myself plenty of time (this is hard to do on some of the larger pieces though)

2) It's not going to fit my head - I half expected this, as I just printed the page without looking at the sizing, but just from the sides and back work I've done, it's going to be too small.  After I printed out the pieces, I found a formula on how to judge sizes, so anyone else looking into Pepakura I suggest you do some research on how to size it properly.  Also, if you are using a pre-made model, make sure the pieces are scaled onto the sheets correctly - mine was set for A4 paper and it shrunk when I printed it on Letter size paper, yet if I had set it for Letter size in the Pepakura program, I could have moved the pieces around so that they would not have been resized.

I've still got a long ways to go, and when I finish it should be a cool backdrop piece for the studio.  Eventually, I'd like to have a full Iron Man armor that I could dress up in for Comic-Cons and the like, so I look forward to the day I can improve upon these techniques.

Do you have any suggestions?  I gladly will take any ideas that can improve the helmet.

My Take On SDCC 12: Marvel Movies - Phase 2

This past weekend was the end all be all of conventions: the San Diego Comic Con. A lot of great stuff was announced this past weekend, and I thought I would take a few posts to talk about the things that stood out to me. These posts will only be a small subset of the TONS of stuff that was announced, so if you want to know what you missed I suggest you head over to a news site like Major Spoilers. First up on the plate: Marvel's Phase 2 of Avengers movies.

To be honest, I really did not see this coming. I should have, seeing as how Phase 1 finished this past May with the release of the Avengers movie. There has been a lot of talk about Iron Man 3, but I was shocked to see what Marvel had up its sleeves. So, lets jump right in:

May 3rd, 2013 - Iron Man 3

The most predictable announcement that was made, it was only a matter of time before we saw Robert Downey Jr. don a new Iron Man armor. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE his portrayal of Tony Stark, I just have some misgivings about the movie given the fact there is a brand new director on board (and the fact that we know that Iron Man 2 was not all it could have been). Not only that, but look at this armor:

Is it just me, or is that a bit too weird? I just hope its a special armor, like the suitcase armor, and won't get much air time.

Bottom line: not looking forward to the armor, but I am curious to see how the villian the Mandarian is portrayed on the big screen.

November 8th, 2013 - Thor: The Dark World

Isn't this really soon? Doesn't it seem like we just got the first Thor movie? Also, what is with the November timeframe? Is Marvel really going to get a crowd to come to the theaters on a random weekend in November? If it was Thanksgiving or Christmas, I would understand (more) what Marvel was thinking. All pessimism aside, I am really excited for this movie. Honestly, I know next to nothing about Thor, so I have NO idea what to expect for this movie.

Bottom line: it seems a bit rushed, but I can't wait to see some trailers later this year/next year.

April 4th, 2014 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I KNEW IT! I positively knew while watching the first Captain America movie that Marvel was building towards this in some form. Here is the big question, though: will they follow the comics and set the story in the Cold War, or will this be a challenge for the post-Avengers Steve Rogers. I would love another Cap themed time piece set in the Cold War, but the safe bet is this will be another movie for Chris Evans to shine in.

Bottom line: considering the first Captain America was my favorite movie of last summer, this movie is probably the one I am looking forward to the most.

August 1st, 2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Really? Do you know what the Guardians of the Galaxy are? Me neither, but then again I am not a big Marvel fan. This movie is the one I am scratching my head about. It is hard enough to drill up interest in characters that are big with comic readers but not well known outside the comic book store, but now they are investing a lot of time and money into a property that even most comic fans are familiar with.

Bottom line: ????????

Sometime after that - Ant Man

Wasn't this movie supposed to be the next movie after Avengers? The fact that once again Marvel still has not released a date for this movie concerns me.

Bottom line: is anyone really looking forward to this movie? I'm hoping that I am wrong and the movie is worth the wait.

So, looks like we have a very interesting set of movies coming out soon. But what about Avengers 2?? Forget the other movies, I just want more of Joss Whedon making Avengers movies! What do you think? Are you actually looking forward to Ant-Man? Am I completely wrong about Guardians of the Galaxy? Hit me up in the comments below and let me know what you think, or as always email me at chris@ocdcast.com.