Off The Shelf Reviews: Flashpoint #2

Issue number 2 of DC's epic tale dropped yesterday, but how was it?  Not since Blackest Night have I been so excited to read an event book.  Since then, I've read a bunch of things and enjoyed some, hated others, etc.; but Flashpoint is one of those titles that I wanted to read right in the store when I grabbed it.  First of all, another SPLENDID cover by Andy Kubert.  One of the things I enjoyed about Blackest Night was Ivan Reis' covers, which I plan on framing and hanging in my studio.  However, I may have to make room for this series as well, because I am loving Kubert's covers for this book--in fact, it may be a big reason why I get so excited to read it when I see it.

So what happens in this issue?  We get to see a bit more of the world in this issue, starting off with Geoff Johns using Deathstroke as a pirate to show us what has happened to Eurpoe and give us a look at Aquaman and how ruthless he has become in this changed reality.  Afterwards, we then slide over to Gotham City where we continue from the ending of issue #1 between Batman and Barry Allen with Barry figuring out what happened in Crime Alley long ago to create this version of Batman.  Batman, of course, thinks he's crazy and starts beating the crap out of him while Barry wonders whats happened.  Suddenly, he cries out as his memories start changing and he understands that this is real.  I wont give away the rest of the book but there is also a cut away to show us what Wonder Woman is like in this world.

This book is great.  Everytime I get to the end of one of these books I get this anxious feeling.  One, because I want to see so much more and two because there is always a perfect cliffhanger that leaves you hating the fact you have to wait another month to see what happened.  Both Flashpoint and Fear Itself dropped this week, and Fear Itself ended up being one of the last books I read this week while this book was the first.  I really just don't care that much what is going on in Fear Itself because its more of the same kind of story telling that we've seen, whereas for me, this is something completely different.  I know the concept has been done before, but as a new comic reader its new to me.

CONCLUSION: Buy.  Don't wait for the trade, as half the fun of this series is the suspense that builds up waiting between each issue.  Between this series and the buzz DC has been building up this week, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the months ahead.

Did you pick up this book?  Am I crazy?  Tell me below!