Relative Dimensions #4: "Green Lantern -- Brightest Day or Blackest Night?"

Once again, someone didn't do their homework, and Mark from the RambleOn podcast is gracious enough to come on to discuss Green Lantern!  In addition, we've got Mike aka IceWarm (anyone who listens to FrogPants Studios should recognize that name) to add some new flavor to our discussions.  Listen, and let us know if you agree with our opinions!  By request, we do go Spoiler Free for the first few minutes of the discussion. Intro (What have we been watching)


Avengers Movie Poster!

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"Trailer Talk" -- Looking at the latest and greatest trailers to come out

Griff The Invisible (2010 per imdb. In theaters 03/11 per official site, & 08/11 per Apple. !?)

Red Band Conan The Barbarian

The Muppet Movie

The Main Event

Green Lantern

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