"A little bit of Magic on the iOS" - In The Knerd

One of the podcasts I listen to is "AppSlappy" (http://appslappy.com), a podcast dedicated to reviews apps available on the iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).  I enjoy the podcast as it will show me new and cool apps I can use on my portable Apple devices.  In addition to the content from the hosts Scott, Eileen and Eric; there is sometimes additional content that people will send them and play at the end of the show.  One of guys who goes by "Cheap Dad" will talk about cheap games you can get on the App Store. A couple of weeks ago, the Cheap Dad talked about a game called "Shadow Era".  Its a free game that's universal--meaning its designed for both iPhone and iPad displays.  It's a card game that you can play against both other people and preset computer players.  The gameplay is pretty much like the card game Magic: the Gathering, so for me it was easy to learn the game as I have played plenty of Magic, but if you haven't played the game there is an on-screen tutorial that is really helpful.  You start off by picking a "Hero", which means picking out a deck that is styled to play a certain way.  After that you can start battling other players.  Although the game is free, you can improve your deck by buying new cards in the app for actual money.  However, you can also buy cards using the fake gold you earn by winning games against both computer and real players.

The gameplay is really cool; I haven't done much battling of real players, so I can't speak to that aspect, but I'm really loving it.  I definitely recommend this game to anyone that was a fan of Magic and other collectable card games.  The game is tied into Apple's Game Center, so look me up as "CalciumLimeRust" on there.