Obsessive Comics Disorder #34: "Free Comic Book Day Roundup"

We take a break from the normal routine to spend some time talking about our experiences this past weekend from Free Comic Book Day!  Email us and tell us how your day went!  Thanks again to MapHook at www.maphook.com for sponsoring this episode, and congrats to Vacherieboy for winning our contest!

Book Club! (Mention) This Month: Axe Cop Vol. 1 (Dark Horse)

Off The Shelf: Pick o' the Week: (Cathi) Atomic Robo (Chris)   Darkwing Duck (Chris T) Spider man

Green Lantern / Flashpoint Special Edition Amazing Spider-Man Captain America /Thor Young Justice / Batman The Brave and the Bold Bongo Comics Free-For-All Spontaneous Sonic The Hedgehog Inspector Gadget The Return of Bruce Wayne 1 of 6 Listener Feedback

Robert (@ItsJustUsCast on Twitter), asked us: “What would be a good, non gory comic to get my son (11) to introduce him to comics?”

So we list off a bunch of comics that we feel should be suitable for him.
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