We're Making The Dirtbags of Holding Even Better!


I gotta be honest with all of y’all. The past year or so I’ve put a lot of focus on making the Boards & Swords podcast the best that it can be. That has had the unfortunate side-effect of not putting enough time and energy on The Dirtbags of Holding podcast. Plus, we’ve had a lot of us moving/traveling/working/etc, so it made it hard to get the multi-session games scheduled. Well, that’s all changing. Now its time to put that same energy into making The Dirtbags of Holding an awesome podcast, and I think we’ve got the plan to do so.

Here’s what’s happening:

1) I’m delaying the third arc of the Blades in the Dark campaign.

Too much time passed between when we last recorded Blades in the Dark and now, so a lot of the energy has left, specifically on my part as a DM. The second arc, which will start airing in episode #124 next week, has a nice ending to wrap up on for now, with enough threads to come back to it in the future if we choose to. Specifically, I’d like to play in a game at Gen Con/some other sort of con and get more experience in using the clocks mechanism.

2) The Dirtbags of Holding will be LIVE every other Wednesday at 7pm Eastern time.

Part of what made the Boards & Swords podcast get better is when we had a regular date going, so now I’m applying that logic to The Dirtbags of Holding. In fact, the show will alternate weeks with Boards & Swords, so now every Wednesday you can go to boardsandswords.com/live and see at least Philip or myself in some capacity. One of these live shows each month will be us recording some sort of one shot adventure, allowing us to try out systems without having to break up the adventure over several sessions. For those subscribed to the podcast, that adventure will get broken up and released over subsequent weeks.

What’s happening on the other live show? Well that leads me to:

3) Once a month, we’ll be recording a topic episode and releasing it on the podcast feed.

Everyone and their brother has a RPG actual play podcast or stream nowadays. To be fair, there are also lots of RPG topic podcasts out there as well, but I’ve always enjoyed recording non-adventure episodes like our Gen Con recaps or our First Anniversary Special with this gang. So, once a month, we’ll be talking about RPGs in a general sense: answering your questions, talking about what we are excited for, and having some fun along the way. The first of these shows will happen in 2 weeks on February 27th - so get your questions in now!

The boardsandswords.com/live will have the complete schedule, but for reference here’s what the streaming schedule will be like for the next few weeks:

February 20th: Boards & Swords #122
February 27th: The Dirtbags of Holding Episode #125 , Topic Show
March 6th: Boards & Swords #123
March 13th: The Dirtbags of Holding One Shot (system TBD)

Thanks everyone for bearing with us, and make sure to send us questions at feedback@dirtbagsofholding.com!