The Nerd is the Word #5: "Get out of my Spider-Man movie"

We're back to something closer to normal this week as we share some valentines day stories and discuss my decision to go to Nerdtacular this year.  In addition to the standard video game/WoW stuff we normally talk about, we get into this year's upcoming movies and discuss which ones we are looking forward to and which ones we aren't. Check out our sponsors this week: and (use the code "freemonth" try out their services for a month).

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The Nerd is the Word #4: "Strand of the Keyboard Turners"

We decided to try something....different this week, and sorry up front to our now-WoW listeners.  Basically Ashley came up to me and said she wanted to try podcasting while we were doing some "Battlegrounds" in World of Warcraft.  They are places where players can fight each other in different scenarios, so if you don't play WoW, you'll get a taste of what the game is like.  If you do play WoW, listen on to see how uncoordinated and bad we are at PvP.

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The Nerd is the Word #3: "The episode you never thought would happen"

I bet you guys never thought this would happen, but its Episode #3 of the Nerd is the Word!  Ashley and I spend the episode catching you guys up on everything that we've been up to, including our engagement!  Thats right, you may have seen the posts and twitter/facebook, but hear the whole story behind the proposal.  Not only that, but with Cataclysm, we have a lot of World of Warcraft stuff to talk about, plus movies, TV shows and much much more!

Guide to Nerd Culture #2: “How to serenade a girl - Nerd Style (Part 1)”

Sorry for the delay everyone but its episode 2 of the Guide to Nerd Culture.  For the next two episodes, I thought I'd interject something funny and off the wall so here's two videos of me completely embarrassing myself (the second one I'll post next week).  Background:  I was going out of town for two weeks and didn't want Ashley to miss me too much, so I made a couple of videos of me "serenading" her--while being my general dorky self.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Guide to Nerd Culture #1: "How do I subscribe to a podcast?"

Hey guys, sorry there's been a lack of stuff on the feeds, but things have been kind of hectic. I'm going to try and get an actual episode to you guys at least once a month, but in the meantime here's a new segment that will go out on the same feed weekly: The Guide to Nerd Culture. Each week we don't have a "The Nerd is the Word" episode, I'll answer questions from you guys about anything nerdy/geeky, in addition to computers, technology, and the internet.

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The Nerd is the Word #2: "GameStop is EVIL!"

It's gadgets galore this week as both of us got new phones, Chris got a DS, and we both spend some time talking about Halo: Reach and how we feel about it.  Also -> a story of why Chris dislikes GameStop, and GameStop's (most likely feeble) attempts to get him back into the store.

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The Nerd is the Word #1: "Now with Estrogen!"

Its the first episode of the new and improved The Nerd is the Word, featuring my lovely girlfriend Ashley and I!  I apologize in advance for the audio quality, as I'm getting adjusted to using two mics for once instead of one.

IN THIS EPISODE: we talk about WoW, Halo: Reach, The Walking Dead TV Show, virtual girlfriends (?!?!), why you shouldn't brag about certain things on facebook, and oh so much more.

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