Obsessive Comics Disorder #49: "A Giant Cat Crushed My New Phone!"

This week, Philip and I try out a new bit at the beginning of the show, talk about the new phone and tablet that Verizon gave Philip (he just had to sign his life away for it), and make fun of Fox for trying to create a family friendly version of The Walking Dead.

This Week In Gotham

Lab Accident Releases Giant Cat!

A LexCorp subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan was experimenting with new types of Kryptonite and its effects on animal life, but the  company bit off more than it can chew when one of its test kittens grew to 30 stories tall!  The cat initally ran amok, causing serious damage to skyscrapers as it scratched I ts claws on them.  Since then, the Tokyo police have been able to keep the animal contained by shining the Japanese Bat-signal on the ground to distract it.

UPDATE:  LexCorp is touting that the incident was not an accident and was planned in part with YouTube to promote Lex Luthor's new web series.  A spokesman for LexCorp stated: "Hey, people love cats, and Lex Luthor is a man who gives the people what they want, and much more."


Current Obsessions

Chris:  X-wing, Cards Against Humanity

Philip:  New Phone!!!!  New Tablet!!!!

FAIL! of the Week

An Edited, "Family Friendly" Walking Dead Is Coming To A Fox Channel



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