Boards & Swords #15: Small World, The Day I Decided to Build a Dungeon

2014-03-14 10.56.33
2014-03-14 10.56.33

This week, we've got some brand new games that I've tried recently, some background info on the Dungeon that I built for my D&D 4e group last year, and we finish out the episode discussing the fantasy wargame Small World!

Board Games

One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Not the same as the "full" werewolf version

Adventure Time Card Wars - Never seen the show, but interesting game

Quarriors is free on iOS - Haven't tried it yet, but have downloaded it


The Walking Dead (Comic version) - Very weird as a 2 player game, probably works a lot better with more people


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Adventure Time Card Wars For The Glory!  Booster Set Announced

Magic The Gathering

Sorry guys, no Magic talk this week, but I will be playing in FNM this week, so I will definitely have something next week.

Roleplaying Games

More D&D 4th edition campaign tales - this time how I went about designing a "dungeon" for my players

Featured Topic

None this week

Board Game Breakdown

Small World by Days of Wonder


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Ryan - nerdndisguise (instagram)


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