Boards & Swords #14: Rampage, D&D Tales Return, and Lots of Board Gaming Talk

2014-01-17 20.48.18
2014-01-17 20.48.18

Lots of good stuff for you guys this week, almost every segment is bursting at the seams with good stories and information to share, and then I finish the episode off by talking about one of my new favorite games: Rampage!

Board Games

Rampage - Will discuss more in the board game breakdown this week

Lords of Waterdeep - Finally played the iOS version against other people and not AI

Battlestar Galactica - We've had this game sitting around for a year, glad we got to finally try out the game

Werewolf / One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Had a lot of people for board game night and didn't want to split up into multiple groups, so we played Werewolf using Magic lands for all of the different roles

Forbidden Desert - This week's board game night, got to try this game out for the first time and compare it to the first game (Forbidden Island)


"Upgrade Your Fleet: Announcing the Fourth Wave of Starship Expansions for X-Wing"

"Ticket to Ride Turns 10 Years Old.  Let's Celebrate!"

Magic The Gathering

Tales from last week's Friday Night Magic - one of the best ones I have ever run!

Roleplaying Games

Continuing my tales of the D&D 4th edition campaign that I am currently running.

Featured Topic

None this week

Board Game Breakdown

Rampage by Repos Production

2014-01-20 18.54.08
2014-01-20 18.54.08


None this week - let me know what you guys are playing!


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