I Have Fallen In Love Again With My Nintendo 3DS

I spoke a little bit about this in this week's Relative Dimensions, and I know that I'm not the only one who has recently discussed this, but I have rediscovered my Nintendo 3DS and I am loving it.  Read past the break to find out why.

I originally got my 3DS not long after returning from my Honeymoon in April/May of this year.  We decided to spend some of the wedding money we had to get Chloe a 3DS since we had been so focused on the wedding recently (and she had done really well in school that year).  Well, once we got into the store and saw some of the games, I knew that I would want to play some of those 3DS games with her, so I wanted to pick one up for myself as well.  Of course, then Ashley had to get one as well ("Well, if you two get one, then I'm gonna want one as well...")!  So Chloe got a couple of games, Ashley bought Super Mario 3D Land for herself, and I got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.  I was excited because I have heard several people talk about Ocarina of Time, yet since I never owned a N64 I never fully played the game.  I had played the first little bit of the game a couple of times, but that's it.

Well, somehow in the midst of all the post-wedding / moving into a new house madness, my 3DS ended up in a box somewhere and was lost to me.  I thought about it occasionally, especially when Chloe talked about her 3DS, but always just for a moment and then it would pass.  Until it came time to pack for driving down to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  While Ashley was looking through some boxes for a few things, she happened to stumble across my 3DS and brought it to me.  I charged it up the night before and then stuck it in my bag as we were packing up the car.

When we got to North Carolina, people would ask me if it was a long drive, and every time my answer was the same -- not to me!  I spent the whole time playing Zelda on the 3DS which caused the car ride to pass by super fast.  I was finally making some progress in the game, and it caused me to get really sucked into the game during the drive down and back.  Since we've been back, however, I haven't played it that much.  Mostly because in everyday gaming I'm a "jump in jump out" kind of person, and Zelda doesn't really lend itself to that kind of gameplay.  At some point I'll get around to finishing it, but it's not high on my list.

I have, however, put in Ashley's Super Mario 3D Land and try that out, and I'll say its AMAZING!  It's just the kind of game I love - a classic Mario platformer where I can play and level quickly and cut it off if I need to do something, or I can sit down and bust out a world or so.  The fact that the game saves after every level helps out with this a lot.  This game has been the primary reason why I've been playing my Nintendo 3DS so much at home.  Many times, Ashley will have on some TV show that I don't really care for, and usually in that scenario I disappear into the basement for some gaming.  Yet, recently, I've been wanting to be upstairs more and around her and Chloe, even if I'm actively participating in what they are doing.  Usually, this involves me bringing the laptop upstairs to play some WoW, but after awhile the laptop can get kinda hot -- even on a laptop stand.

The 3DS solves this problem - its a small little system that I can just sit in my recliner and enjoy some gaming while not being as anti-social and locked up in my basement.  It's made me take a whole new look at the platform, looking to see what other games are out there that I might enjoy.  Once I'm done with Super Mario 3D Land, I really want to try out the New Super Mario Bros. 2 as I loved the first game, but I know that there are other games out there too that I will equally enjoy.

Do you have a 3DS?  Got any game suggestions for me?  Mention them in the comments or feel free to email me at chris@ocdcast.com or hit me up on twitter (@ChrisTheProf).