What Happens When You Get Too Many Munchkin Cards

As many of you who follow me on Twitter know, I am a HUGE fan of the card game Munchkin. One of my college friends introduced me to the game over 4-5 years ago, and I've been playing the game ever since. When I bought the game for myself, being a comics guy, I purchased Super Munchkin. However, I didn't stop there, and now I own 4 different versions of the base game, with many different boosters as well. How do I store all of these cards? Read on to find out.


I have been searching for a way to store all of my Munchkin cards for awhile now. Keeping them in their separate boxes is alright for the base sets, but lately I've been buying up a lot of the 15 card booster packs and my vanilla Munchkin box was starting to overflow. Plus, I like the idea of having all of my cards in one place in case I ever want to combine multiple sets together into a game. Steve Jackson Games does have their own solution: the Munchkin Boxes Of Holding. They are 2 cardboard boxes: one for your door cards, one for your treasure cards. However, I wasn't sure how these boxes would hold up, plus that still gives me two boxes to keep track of, and looking through the craft stores near me I knew I could come up with my own solution.

My first idea was to take one of the generic wooden boxes that you can find in any craft store and paint it up Munchkin style. Yet, I couldn't find one that would work best for me that wasn't 20+ dollars. Plus with the move coming up, I didn't have time to work on the painting. So, I decided to hold off on that idea...until I saw this:


It is some sort of wine box that I happened to find (okay, my wife happened to find) in the clearance isle for only $10! Now, I'm not a wine drinker or anything, but I love the style of this box! It has the medieval chest look that I was hoping to create with the wooden boxes. Once we got it home, Ashley took two of the cardboard pieces within the Munchkin boxes and folded it up so that it would fit in the box and hold the cards without them flopping around. The finished product:


Now ALL of my Munchkin stuff can easily fit in this chest (minus the game board, but that isn't needed necessarly), including all the rule books and bookmarks that I've acquired from various 'cons. If I ever fill up this box, I can always pull out the cardboard pieces and fit in more cards.

How do you store your Munchkin cards? I am really interested in seeing how other people store their cards as well. Leave a comment below and tell me how you store your cards. Do you just keep them in the original box? Do you have the Munchkin boxes of holding?