The RambleOn Podcast Comes To The OCD Super Feed!

Hey everyone, I'm back! That's right, I've come back from my business trip to Italy and I'm ready to start producing content again! In fact, as of right now, it looks like October 8th will be the day we record the next episodes of OCD and Relative Dimensions, keep an eye on this site and my Twitter/Google Plus/Facebook feeds for updates. In other news, one of the ideas I've had for awhile that I've decided to finally follow through with is that I'm opening up the OCD Super Feed to my fellow podcasters! I've sent out a few emails to podcasting friends of mine asking them if they would like to be a part of this site and that feed, and the first new podcast to the Super Feed is the RambleOn Podcast, which you can find at!  It features Mark, who is on OCD and has been on Relative Dimensions and his friend Trevor and they "Ramble" about various movies, tv, video games, and anything else crazy going on in their life.  Its a great show and fits well with the content already on this site.