Off The Shelf Reviews: Uncanny X-Force Must Have #1

After seeing X-Men: First Class this past Saturday, Ashley and I went to the comic book store and I decided that I should attempt to jump into this thing known as the "X-Men".  My comic book store is currently working on getting me the new X-Men #1 title that came out last year, but in the meantime, I bought Uncanny X-Force Must Have #1, collecting issues 1-3 of the new Uncanny X-Force series.  But did I like it? I've heard nothing but good things about this series, and frankly thats the reason why I decided to finally pick this up.  However, I will have to say, the first part threw me off a lot.  There was so many characters being thrown at me that I wasn't quite sure who was who and what their powers were, etc.  People were talking about things that had happened in the past but I didn't know what they were talking about.  There is also a lot of jumping around as people are introduced to the team and that was slightly confusing as well.

All of these concerns, however, vanish with the second and third issues.  I get to see enough of the characters in action that I'm given all that I need to know and get to sit back and watch them kick some butt.  These issues were great, and I'm already looking forward to getting issue 4 on Wednesday when I go back to the comic book store.  The writing is spectacular, the artwork is very vivid and filled with all sorts of action and stuff you are looking to see coming off of the hit movie this weekend.

CONCLUSION:  Buy.  If you're an X-Men fan, you probably already have this, but if you saw the movie this weekend and are wanting to see some similar mutant action, pick this up.