It's a Red Lantern Summer!

A few months ago, you might remember I talked about the "Summer of Superfan", where people that supported the show would get special bonus content where I would buy a bad comic book each week and tear it to pieces.  While there wasn't a lot of interest in the idea, its something I still want to do, so I've decided to do it for free!  I'm changing the name to "Red Lantern Summer" (get it--Red Lantern = Rage...haha), and here's how it's going to work:  Comment on this blog post telling me which book you'd like me to review--remember the badder the book is, the more ranting it will possibly generate.  Then, I'll record a review of the book that is requested the most and throw it up on the OCD feed--for free!  Lets enjoy some bad comics this summer, shall we?  I'll post something up each week where you guys can comment and suggets a new book.