Obsessive Comics Disorder #22: "These X-Men are flying First Class"

We've got a bunch of good stuff for you guys this week, as there are many changes surrounding Obsessive Comics Disorder.  Listen on as we talk about all the cool things we have coming for you guys in the near future.
This Just In: Website Changes The Morning Stream Spot Fantastic Four #587 Contest

Digital Ink: Chris: Proof #1 ($1.99, Image Comics App) Cathi: Little Vampires, by Rebecca Hicks. http://little-vampires.com/comic/little-vampire-vs-piano-round-one/

Comics in Motion: X-Men First Class Trailer: http://www.slashfilm.com/xmen-class-trailer/

Off The Shelf: Picks o' the Week: Batman and Robin, #20, DC. (Cathi) Flash #9, DC (Chris) Birds of Prey #9, DC.

Amazing Spider-Man #654 Batgirl #18 Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1 Ultimate Spider-Man #153 Red Robin #20

Sherlock Holmes: Year One, issue #1, Dynamite Entertainment. B.P.R.D, #75. Hell on Earth: Gods, 2 of 3. Dark Horse. Casanova, Gula #1. Icon. Casanove, Gula #2. Icon. Farscape #16. Boom! Incognito #3. Icon. Unwritten #22. Vertigo.

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