Updates and News

Hey everyone, just a few updates on whats been going on the past couple of days: 1.  First of all, you may have noticed a new logo and web site layout for the 1.21 Studios main page.  My hope is that these improvements to the web site make the content and information easier to consume for everyone.

2.  We now have a facebook page!  I've created a facebook fan page for everyone to "like" (and I hope you do).  If you're an avid facebook user, this will make getting the content and updates from 1.21 Studios even easier, as all the episodes and news will be posted right to your facebook wall!

3.  New stuff is coming!  I'm sorry there hasn't been a new Nerd is the Word episode, but both Ashley and I have been slammed with stuff the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully things will start settling down and we can both sit down and record an episode.  However, in the meantime I have some plans for some new things that I hope to start sending your way real soon!