Obsessive Comics Disorder #5: "Comics 101 - Comic Book Companies"

This episode is the first in a series I'm calling "Comics 101" -- an intro to the world of comic books for those of you who aren't big comics fans or wish to get into comics but know nothing about them.  I start things off by talking about the different companies that make comics:

DC Comics

Get started by reading: Blackest Night Crisis on Infinite Earths Infinite Crisis Green Lantern: Rebirth The Flash: Rebirth Marvel Comics

Get started by reading: Civil War Secret Invasion Siege One More Day/Brand New Day

Image Comics

Famous for: Spawn Invincible The Walking Dead

This week in comics:

DC Comics Brightest Day #7 Red Robin #15

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #639 Avengers Prime #2 Captain America #608 Doomwar #6 Shadowland #2 Ultimate Avengers 2 #6