"World of Warcraft PvP Battlegrounds" - OCDtv #22

If you're a World of Warcraft player at all, you know that Patch 5.2 dropped this week!  This has been driving me to jump back into WoW more than I have here recently.  Specifically, I've been wanting to get caught up on PvP; I really haven't played much of it since Cataclysm.  So this week, watch me go through a couple of PvP matches on my mage and see how disoriented I can get in the heat of battle (especially when it lags really badly)...

RD Aftershow - 6/24/12: "World of Warcraft"

Trying something out different this week, as we recorded both the video AND the audio of the Aftershow this week, and I'm putting it out on the feed for you guys.  So now you can hear or see us get schooled in some World of Warcraft PvP (was going to be SWTOR, but couldn't get a free trial for Philip).