Obsessive Comics Disorder #52: "Interview With Nate Simpson Of Nonplayer""

For those that haven't been following me on twitter/facebook, OCD is going to be taking a bit of a hiatus for right now.  I am so far behind on comics that it doesn't do the show justice anymore.  Instead, I'll be reformatting Relative Dimensions into an all around Geek Talk Radio show that will air on Sunday nights.  It will feature various cohosts and let me talk about whatever is on my mind.  Right now, it will be tentatively on at 8pm Eastern time on Sundays.  The first official episode will be in January at some point, but until then I'll be doing a couple of "beta episodes" to test out the new format.  Keep an eye on twitter/facebook for more details. In the meantime, for the last OCD that we will have for awhile, here is the interview that I did a few weeks ago with Nate Simpson of the hit Image comic Nonplayer!